Joining servers is a huge problem now and this is bonkers

These screenshots are the most recent comments in my place,

They are unedited and all in a row.

Nothing changed in my place to cause this. Other games are having this problem too, for many people.

Yes, this is an issue for me too. When I try to join a server with people on it I’m waiting for it to begin loading the place for a few minutes sometimes.

When I hit join, there is a 70% chance I join, but a 30% chance I wont. And I do lose connection when nothing else appears to have lost connection (Skype,Internet Explorer, etc).

Sounds like the same problem I’ve been getting as well, from the information I’ve gathered they’re servers that ROBLOX are renting (ironic name)

Something does need to be done about this though, it’s very irritating how slow some of these servers are being.

Aren’t it the Amazon Servers where ROBLOX is running on ?

I noticed occasionally when joining a game, my network recieve is like 0.2. This happens like 5% of the time. I don’t lose connection. It just doesn’t load anything.

Yes, it was indeed unjoinable for me.

I thought Roblox had their own servers - loool. I guess I have never actually seen a server room in the HQ before… and it’d be pretty big .3.

Also this is one of those bugs that is completely server side. I can’t really provide any information other than it started in the last few weeks and has gotten worse with time.

I’m sorry if you server guys already know about this. It would be awkward if you also couldn’t do anything about it if it’s a problem with 3rd party servers.

I gotta know if this is temporary…

Also, I could join that game no issue on the first try. XD

I got stuck in an endless loading loop last night at a game with ~2,000 parts and 2 people in the server.

Yeah, everyone is loading slow, in to games, it can take up to 5 min or more, to be loaded.

[quote] Aren’t it the Amazon Servers where ROBLOX is running on ? [/quote]I thought so too, I’ve been looking at the servers and most of them look like other servers… but every server that I get that is unresponsive and slow, when I look up the IP information it says the IP belongs to reliablehosting.

Their content distribution used Amazon. Game servers appear to be via some other service.

ROBLOX has its own servers for the blog and wiki if I recall correctly.

Didn’t see this thread. I’m having this problem too

I’m having this issue as well, mostly when a server has been up for a while.

OH I thought it was just me because it coincidentally started happening ever since I switched to a laptop with Windows 8

I’m having similar issues: