Josh Engine update log: Images

The update that will change Josh Engine the most:

After a few days of endless errors, I added Images to Josh Engine, Using the command <img> as your starting tag, you can put any image id FROM THE ROBLOX STUDIO TOOLBOX after like this <img> with one of the following ending tags:
<1> would be the largest
<2> would be the second largest
<3> would be skyscraper image
<4> would be the second smallest
<5> is the smallest

A line of code should look something like this:
<img> 9083713732 <1>

I got alot of support from my last post on Josh Engine so I updated it for ya’ll!
This is V0.7.0 meaning its the last update until V1.0.0 which will include buttons and functions. This game has been a wild ride so any feedback is welcome as long as the negative is constructive.
Thank you to the people from my last post who helped me test!

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I have some concerns. I looked at Roblox ToS and this game may be at risk. It says all games must be filtered and be age appropriate. I feel like this game can be extremely viable to this rule.

It is filtered and any image that can be added must go though roblox first

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I tried going into it and the buttons at the top to code weren’t there anymore?

What do you mean? You have to type “create” into the search bar to get to the code menu.