Juicease Handbook


  1. Caps abuse:
  • Please do not abuse caps. If doing so you could be warned and possibly kicked.
  1. Trolling:
  • We would prefer it if you did not troll here. Feel free to have fun and make jokes, as long as they are not offensive to anyone.
  • Trolling could result in a warning, kick or possibly a ban if you ignore warnings made by staff members.
  1. Exploiting:
  • Exploiting is not tolerated at Juicease. Exploiting will result in an immediate ban.
  1. Respect:
  • Please be respectful to everyone. Treat others the way you would want to be treated!

What is Juicease?

Juicease, is a tropical juice bar that endeavours to accommodate you with the best experience imaginable.
Juicease re-evaluates the desire for genuine delight. Our team is a well-knit structure, born to provide excellence and indulgence at will. We have a dedicated team of employees who aim to delight your taste buds with our supplementary, organic, salubrious juices.

How do I get a job?
To get a job here at Juicease, go to the application hub and submit a trainee application. This application will be read within 24 hours of submission. After 24 hours, you will have been ranked accordingly depending if you passed or failed the application.

Recipe Guide


SC Sour Citrus - Cup + Lime + Lemon + Juicer + Water + Sugar syrup.

ZI Zitrus - Cup + Orange + Juicer + Water + Sugar syrup.

MT Mango Tango - Cup + Mango + Juicer + Water + Sugar syrup.

LT Lime Time - Cup + lime + Juicer + Water + Sugar syrup.

BB Berry Bomb - Cup + Strawberry + raspberry + Juicer + Water + Sugar syrup.

PM Pinky Mix - Cup + Strawberry + Grapefruit + Juicer + Water + Sugar syrup.

TB Tropical Boost - Cup + Mango + Pineapple + Juicer + Water + Sugar syrup.

SS Sunset Sweet - Cup + Peach + Juicer + Water + Sugar syrup.

SR Sunday Red - - Cup + Cherry + Juicer + Water + Sugar syrup.

KC Kiwi Crush - Cup + Kiwi + Juicer + Water + Sugar syrup.


PL Pink Lemonade - Cup + Strawberry + Lemon + Juicer + Water + Sugar syrup.

NL Normal Lemonade - Cup + Lemon + Water + Sugar syrup.