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Rank Description

Heyo! This post will be regarding the rank limits and descriptions of Juisá. If you still have questions please contact an Executive Assistant+



Trainees just passed their application and have to go to a training in order to become a qualified member of the staff of Juisá.

Junior Juicer
Junior Juicers have done their training, and are ready to work at the juice bar.

Senior Juicer
Senior Juicers are experienced with working here at Juisá. They know most of the rules and can be chosen to be a Staff Assistant.



Staff Assistant
Staff Assistants are able to attend trainings and train. This is the first rank of the Medium Ranks of Juisá.

Supervisors are able to host trainings that take place through out the week. These people have a lot of experience within working at Juisá, and know a good deal of the rules and operations.

Managers are able to host trainings aswell as train. These people mostly spectate in our group games for promotions of the staff. They are very advanced with Juisá’s rules and operations.



Executive Assistant
Executive Asssitants are assistants of the executives and help assist them. They are able to do the same thing as manager. These will be helped by executives to become one themself.

Public Relations
The Public Relations team help Juisá with important events and alliances. These people mostly work behind the scenes.

Staffing Director
Staffing Directors help hire new staff based on their application, and help with staff problems.

Managing Director
These people help manage our group and internal problems with sessions, staff, and the group itself.

Chief Operations Officer
These people help manage our group and internal problems with sessions, staff, and the group itself.

The developers are the game/merch producing people in our group.

Contractors invest in our group with stock.


Vice Chairman
The Vice-Chairman is the second highest rank in Juisá and is has the same rights as the Chairman.

The Chairman is the highest rank in Juisá and keeps everything under control by the help of the Vice-Chairman.


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