July Recap: Check Out What's Happening in the Developer Community

This month was a busy one for Roblox Developers! We don’t want you to miss anything, so we have pulled together some of the key happenings in the developer community from the month of July. Check it out.


As many of you already know, our annual developer conference, RDC, took place in San Francisco on July 13-15. Developers from all over met at a hotel just south of the city, and talked all things Roblox development. The conference featured three different tracks this year: Business, Design and Developer.

The business track focused on building your business on Roblox; monetizing your games, advertising to increase player base, and much more. Design centered on building games for your audience, while the developer track provided insights into how to develop certain kinds of games, and how to optimize your development experience as much as possible.

You can find a full RDC debrief here: RDC2018 Recap: Looking Back on the US Conference

We’re excited to welcome developers to RDC EU in a few weeks! Keep an eye on our Twitter and the Developer Forum for more info about the event!

From the Developers:

We’ve wrapped up our module on building your business on Roblox, but continued on to a business-oriented topic; making money on Roblox! We’ve had some great submissions over the last month, and we have more great content on the way. Check out what’s on the Roblox Developer Medium so far (links below), and keep an eye out for tutorials, articles and interviews with developers who have built in-game stores and monetized their games.

Want to have your article promoted on Roblox? Send us a note at devrelations@roblox.com and let us know what you’re interested in writing about.

Feature Releases and Announcements:

For those of you who have been checking the Developer Forum, you’ll be aware of the exciting updates and features that have been released this month. You can find a list of some of the new features, updates and changes that have been brought to our developers over the past month:

Feature Updates:

Programmatic Updates:

Informative Announcements:

Featured Games:

This month, there were two Featured games sorts go up! If you’re interested in learning what it takes to get your game featured, be sure to check out these interviews with the July 10th and July 24th featured game developers!

SirMing: Action!
SteadyOn: Clueless
B_rcode and Digital_Boy: Book of Monsters
Chaotic_Cody: Multi Pong 2
NicholasDev: Salvage
Davidii: Eclipses
thunder1222: Flying Fortress Tycoon
PlantChampion: Ore Tycoon 2
RickyTheFishy and AlreadyPro: Fairy World
ColdDeveloper and SirDoomKnight: Ro-Island
Babymariobebe and Beartikal: Dare to Cook
Cloakedyoshi: The Day the Noobs Took Over Roblox 2
Bitsquid (Previously Manic Machines): Kingdom Chaos
Hoboj03: Ro-Trip
BloxedStudios and Accidentaldeveloper: Clue
Are31: Alien Simulator
VRYLLION: Dinosaur Hunger
SupernalNine: Burst
Lightning_Splash: Ragdoll Combat
FoxBin: GearLand
Alkameltzer: Godzilla Simulator
FutureWebsiteOwner: Firefighting Simulator

Bonus: New Featured Games
This recap is going up on the day the new Featured games sort is posted! Check out the newest games, and get in before the crowds:

xuefei123: Dominus Lifting Simulator
PANDEMIC.: Zombie Blitz
Nexus Development: Roblox Battle (2018 Edition)
Accidental Developer: Ducky Derby
Stratiz: Dedoxed!
Biostream: Beach Simulator
OrbitalOwen: HEX Classic
ScriptOn: Pocket Pirates
Mega Drive: Deadlocked Battle Royale
Centauri Game Studios: Moon Miners 2
Team Venture: VentureLand


July is possibly the best month I ever experienced in a longggg time


Yeah, RDC was basically my trip of the year lol.


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