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Welcome to Jurassic Corporation! :sauropod:

Jurassic Corporation is all about bringing the prehistoric world to life! Our goal is to create immersive experiences that allows you to interact with dinosaurs. Get ready to embark on thrilling adventures, explore landscapes, and come face to face with majestic creatures that once ruled the earth. Join us as we unleash the wonder and excitement of the Jurassic era right at your fingertips. Let’s make history roar!

Jurassic Development

Jurassic Island

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Research and Development Labs

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Main Group (public)
Research Division (public)
Security Division (private)

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:palm_tree: Our amazing staff are always there to lend a hand and ensure everyone’s safety. Providing assistance and maintaining a secure environment. We’re grateful for their dedication and commitment to helping others. together, we create a community where everyone feels supported and protected.

  1. Director, Founder & Owner of Jurassic Corporation.
  2. Secretary, Elected from of the Council.
  3. Council, Corporation Council members, Administrative Department Heads.
  4. Innovation & Maintenance Department, the Corporations Development Team.
  5. Security & Safety Department, the Corporations Security Leadership.
  6. Public Relations Department, in-charge of Community, Engagement and Media.
  7. Departmental Intern, Department Trainee.
  8. Experienced Roleplayer, Notable Group Member (former staff/ active player).
  9. Roleplayer Group Member.
Research Division

:microscope: Jurassic Research Division is a team of brilliant scientists and paleontologists driven by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. We delve into the mysteries of the prehistoric world, conducting ground-breaking research and uncovering ancient secrets. Our state-of-the-art laboratories and cutting-edge technology enable us to analyse fossils, study DNA, and push the boundaries of scientific understanding. Through our meticulous work, we strive to unlock the secrets of the past and shed light on the incredible creatures that once roamed the earth.

:handshake: This division is open to the public.

Research Rank Structure

  1. Director, Founder & Owner of Jurassic Corporation.
  2. Secretary, Elected member out of the overall Council.
  3. Research Council, Council members of the Research Division.
  4. Public Relations, Departmental Members from Public Relations.
  5. Supervisor, most senior earnable rank.
  6. Geneticist, middle rank.
  7. Paleontological, middle rank.
  8. Veterinarian, junior rank.
  9. Handler, junior rank.
  10. Intern, starter rank.
Security Division

:lock:Jurassic Security Division is a team of highly trained professionals dedicated to safeguarding the park and ensuring the safety of our visitors. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise, we maintain a vigilant watch over every corner of the park, ready to respond swiftly to any potential threats. our comprehensive security protocols, including advanced surveillance systems and controlled access points, provide a secure environment for everyone to enjoy the wonders of the prehistoric world. Your safety is our utmost priority.

:t_rex: Jurassic Security Division is composed of 3 specialised units: Asset Containment Unit, Park Rangers Unit and Park Security.

Security Rank Structure

  1. Director, Founder & Owner of Jurassic Corporation.
  2. Secretary, Elected member out of the overall Council.
  3. Defence Council, Council members of the Security Division.
  4. Commander, Head of the Security Division & ACU.
  5. Supervisor, 1st IC for Park Rangers and Park Security.
  6. Senior Operative, 2nd IC for Park Rangers and Park Security.
  7. Operative
  8. Ranger
  9. Security
  10. Security In Training
  11. Suspended
Asset Containment Unit


Park Rangers

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Park Security

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