Just a block off from making GFX

Hey, first I might have put this in the wrong topic but I am not sure if this is the right topic. Here goes, I was pumping GFX’s left and right, and I just really liked it. For some reason, I just quit a couple months prior, and now when I try to do GFX’s, I know I can do things better, but everytime I come determined to make a GFX, I loose all motivation and some small accidencents(my computer shutting down, my C4D or Blender instance crashing) thing just makes me quit halfway. Am I alone on feeling this? I would like some advice if any of you have any similiar experience or just plain advice for me. Thanks.


To gain back your motivation, Maybe try to think of profit $$ from it.
Or think again about what inspired you to do this

Sorry if it’s not that much helpful but that’s how I gained back my motivation


Alright, I’ll do so. I came to GFX because I liked how ‘cool’ things looked. When I look at things now, I just feel they’re normal and not neccesarily hard, just time consuming. Thanks for your adbice.

I feel you man, hallway through my projects I get a lingering feeling of “Oh what’s the point”. I use to make a lot of GFX’s a few years back, my quality of work has increased juristically since then, but I lack the motivation I had those years ago.

Any thing which inspires you to work harder? I used to think I am poor, but then I realize, what the point of showing off Robux. I used to donate my robux to others so I don’t really have motivation either. I did free Gfx’s but all I got were some half-hearted thank you’s and probably alot of ‘superior’ attitude from people.

I was never artistically talented in any way but making stuff on computers seem to click better with me. What motivates me sometimes is seeing the final product hour later and thinking “wow this looks really good and I made it”. I know this sounds kind of corny but its a pretty motivating feeling.

If you lose motivation to do a previously enjoyed hobby, why force it? It’ll just turn your work stale, and frustrate you in the process. Find a new hobby that you can expand in.

If you made a significant sum from selling your work, money is often all it takes to motivate someone. (Works for me) but if it’s just a hobby there is absolutely no reason to pursue something you now find dull or no longer promising. There is no magic fix, find a reason to actually continue.

I just do it for a hobby lol, I really love finding how to program new things and make things for myself.
I would sometimes rarely use this knowledge to make something really bad and stupid, and that can sometimes make exercising your knowledge fun in some way.