Just A Peaceful Neighborhood. Devlog #1

This is my very first ever devlog!
So lets begin

My game is a game where there are different classes that let you spawn with different weapons!
There are weapons that you can buy but when you die you lose them.
To get money you have to get kills(And maybe from challenges in the future)
Kind of like Criminality

Dropping Cash

robloxapp-20221003-2100595.wmv (1.3 MB)


robloxapp-20221003-2100094.wmv (1.8 MB)


robloxapp-20221003-2059313.wmv (1.5 MB)

Dropping money when you die

robloxapp-20221003-2102452.wmv (888.2 KB)
robloxapp-20221003-2103246.wmv (981.9 KB)


robloxapp-20221003-2100326.wmv (552.3 KB)

Safe zones

robloxapp-20221003-2106559.wmv (2.4 MB)

And that’s all the stuff I have created in the last week!
Next week I will be doing another devlog!
Feel free to leave feedback!

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So I’d recommend specifying what the game is about and have a little description of it, and try uploading the videos as MP4 so they embed correctly, so I don’t have to download them.