Just because you're not in one of the first invites, doesn't mean you won't be attending RDC


Ever since this category was created, it has only caused people to become concerned about the invitation system; doubting their skills, asking themselves, “why am I not in wave x? I was last year”.

Previous years, Roblox has released invites in waves, allowing the notable and top developers to purchase their tickets first. However, just because you weren’t in the first or second wave again, doesn’t mean you will not be invited to this year’s RDC.

Roblox has clearly had a lot of major changes within the past couple years, including the growing of developers on the forum(New Members). Regardless if you’re on the forum or not, we can all agree that there is a significant amount of newer developers out there.

Developers who are constantly on the front page due tend to receive an invite in one of the early waves, but just because you weren’t in one of the first waves doesn’t mean you’re any less of a developer, or your chance of being invited/attending this year’s RDC is zero. Based off of last year’s RDC, we can conclude that there will most likely be applications once again this year, for people who feel they should receive an invite and didn’t make any of the waves. So, regardless if you end up receiving an invite or not, you still have a chance to attend RDC.

Applying doesn’t mean you’re not “good enough”, Roblox has thousands upon thousands of developers in the community, and there is just no way they can pinpoint every single person out there and send them an invite.


  • Roblox has not released any official statement other than that the invites will be sent out in April. At the time of writing, it’s currently May and no other announcements have been posted.

TL;DR: Stop assuming the worst if you weren’t in the same wave as last year.


I think a major concern is that there wont be anymore/little to no room left at RDC after waves 2 and maybe 3.


We have no idea how big the waves have been. WIth only 5 days between Wave 1 & Wave 2 invites being sent out - I assume there’s more waves than previous years - and possibly with a lower invite count each.


We aren’t concerned about being invited. We’re concerned we won’t get invited in time.
There is only so many tickets. As someone who went last year, it was an amazing experience, and I’m dying to go again. So, if tickets run out before I get an invite, or if I get my invite, go to login and find that the tickets are already gone, that’s quite distressing. Thus, that’s why you’re seeing everyone freaking out.

As far as the rest of the stuff about people feeling down on themselves. I mean, how couldn’t they. You feel your rank is one thing, and next thing you know, you feel you’ve been downgraded. It’s tough to bear. Likely, @Fm_Trick is right, and there is just more waves of smaller batches this year, but it’s very scary to think about in the grand scheme of things, especially as all my friends are setting up their plans & have their tickets long before me. Our fears are compounded by the lack of information that Roblox gives us.


Honestly, I don’t think there should be this much worry over not getting yourself at the event. Given they closed down RDC EU in the hopes of making a bigger RDC US, you would think that they have prepared for the greater capacity of applications. The events almost never sell out that quickly, so lets all be calm and just wait till the next few phases! Everyone is going to get a chance.


if I recall correctly, there will be 4 waves, and anyone who is either a new member or member on the developer forums will get an invite in one of those waves.

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But as @Fm_Trick said, how could there only be four waves if wave two came out five days after wave one?

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I’d still appreciate either the criteria for being in a wave or the dates each wave is invited. It makes it difficult especially for people organising international travel, which I cannot plan if I don’t know i’ll 100% get a spot.


I agree, but there are other concerns

In my opinion, it’s not the terrible assumption that users of the Roblox Developer Forum are mostly concerned. It involves more than just being invited in certain wave to make you feel better or not. The thing is we’re not sure if we’re invited or not.

What if we found out we’re invited few weeks before RDC but tickets are too expensive?

Uh oh!

Like what @GeorgeTheDev pointed out, one of the important thing to consider is time. Yes, I understand the RDC is happening around 3 months away. However, it is also very important that members of this forum community will still be required to arrange themselves transportations, such as flight and hotel bookings to make sure they can attend the conference smoothly and save money, too because it’s often cheaper when you book things far away from the date.

Oh, how would that be hard? Members of this community comes in all ages and forms, some are university students, some are already employed in a company, some are just very interested in Roblox, and the list goes on. Unlike last year when RDC where held in two different countries, this year’s RDC is going to be held only in the US, so there would be an increase of international travels. They may need to make certain agreements far from the date with other people, too.

There might be several other factors that wouldn’t come up on your mind as every person is different and they have their plans. If you carefully look at the comments/posts of some people who are complaining, or maybe just worried, they are also worried about other things we don’t know.

I understand that it’s better to calm down and wait out for the actual invitations, so I hope the timing will be good and invitations go smoothly!


My main worry is that with the change to the New Members, there is now 5000+ new people trying to get a spot at RDC. Whenever the wave they allow all the New Members is in, they WILL sell out. So I’m just hoping I’m in before that point, not during it.

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According to sources New Members will also be invited meaning 100’s of more developers.