Just need some feedback on my icons

Hi There i am TheSunBeside and i am here trying to show my icons that i made for my games and for you guys to rate them :slight_smile:


They are good! Make sure you remove the watermark after making them a icon.

I understand that you put the watermarks to prevent your work from being stolen, but it is a bit difficult to actually see the icon.


That’s sick! Really like them! Especially the shading!

if you would like a commission ask me i am owner of rebirth simulator 2.0 but i do it for fun

It looks alright from a point of view. However, since it’s something that a lot of “simulator” games have implement into their game try making it look interesting to players. A few of your icon are good for releasing new pets, and more, it’s a bit here and there and something that’s already been made.

Is there a reason why most of the icons have a dull shadow appearance? I feel like you should work on that a bit and try decreasing the size of the watermark on your designs.

However, yours seems natural but quite repetitive try adding effects around the pets to make the scene pop more, including different style backgrounds instead of the identical burst effect. Otherwise it’s not bad I’ll look at other game icon; to get general ideas to add to your icon like (“new, release,).

well i am not a professional icon maker i make icons for my games only since i am scripter, builder, modeler, art designer it is hard being a pro on 1 thing