Just released my latest project: Internet Simulator. Feedback is appreciated

Go Play here: Internet Simulator [InDev] - Roblox

Here are the game icons and thumbnails:

Suggestions, bugs, or any other type of feedback is much appreciated


Hi I tried your game ngl it’s kinda a good game cause this are the kind of games I like to play maybe keep releasing updates and making the UI and stuff better more characters and background music but yuh I really liked it.

i will be adding music later i just gotta find the right sound track for it. Also, most of the ui is temporary because it was used to test the scripts.

i will be adding updates pretty much every day

ight bet but in others words the game is my typpa style of game Umma join the Discord Rq

Is that baymax? Ig its good? but baymax looks more like your mom than me.