Just Started 2D Art, Feedback Please!

About Me

Hello! I’m a 13 year old girl by the name of Marilyn. I just started 2d art, and I’m currently using Pixlr Editor.



  • Please send feedback on how I can improve (Please don’t be rude e.g. “EW it sucks”)
  • How much it would approximately cost (e.g. 5 Robux)
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Hey, it looks very good and very clean, just the edges can be smoother. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely smooth out the edges when doing future work.

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I reccomend for a starter like you, please start with IbisPaintX, Pixlr is definitely not a good website for 2D art. Can’t wait to see your progress.


Good design of the girl, but I think that what it really lacks is colorr.

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Pretty cool, but your lines are extremely wobbly.

I don’t suggest that you use Pixlr. Instead, I suggest you use a free raster program like Fire Alpaca.

In most raster programs, there is an option for “correction.” The default is 0. I highly suggest putting it as high as 12 or 14. That will make your lines much smoother and easier to control.

Also, add some dimension in your art. A tiny bit of shading will go a long way! With that said, you’ve done some pretty solid work.

While it’s good, it isn’t good enough to sell. Most people want more thoroughly drawn out headshots. They want something that’s a bit more finalized. There are a lot of 2D artists out there, that already take shading, colour, backgrounds, and proper linework into account. Your style is also rather generic, because you’re basing your artwork off of what others are already doing as you don’t know what to do. Don’t be afraid! Figure out a way how YOU draw eyes, and how YOU draw chins.

I suggest practicing before you try selling, and then I’ll bet you’ll become really successful.

Also, are you drawing with a mouse or phone? I sure hope not, it’s almost impossible to make high quality art without a tablet/stylus! And I reiterate, find a better program! It will make things so much easier and you’ll shock yourself with what you can do. Awesome work!


Sorry but asking for rating your assets (eg. 1-6) and asking how much should I sell this for is against forum rules. Please read the community guidelines. Other than that not bad at.


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Pretty decent, maybe add background or lighting.

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As @TheSenorDuck mentioned asking people to rate your assets is in violation of forum rules