Just started animating, need feedback

How can I improve this?

also I have a couple of questions for animators

How many keyframes do you use?

how would you animate someone walking?

what makes a good animation?


Looks good, but I think it would look better if the animation was a bit smoother. To get more advanced animating capabilities (including easing styles, easing directions, etc.) try Moon Animator :slight_smile:


You would need to export the animation in order to make a walk animation.That’s all I know, I’ve never actually animated.

To improve the animation, you can probably make it either faster or smoother by adding or removing some frames. You can also make the arm look like it’s actually holding something heavy since you’re character is creating a magic wall.

To animate someone walking firstly i’d record myself walking, like 10 seconds, then i’d try to replicate it while watching the video and try to make it the smoother as possible.

The animation is not bad, if you can keep it up and improve you’re animations i’m sure you can be a good animator. You can also use the Moon Animator plugin as mentioned by P1X3L, it’s a bit more complicated but you can make much better animations.

(sorry for the late reply, i just noticed this was asked almost a year ago)