Justice Alliance | An speech expressed by the Chairperson of the Justice Alliance

Justice Alliance | An speech expressed by the Chairperson of Justice Alliance
Condemning against the owner of Starblox Cafe zachnotzah & other group owners who are illegally abusing the basis operations of the United States DMCA and relevant copyright laws

Dear communities,

This statement is expressed due Justice Alliance has been witnessing a lot of group were abusing and misusing the basis of the United States DMCA which have been trying to “claim the only official ROBLOX group” to prevent other users from using their group name as well. So at this moment we would like to clearly explain the correct uses of the United States DMCA laws and other copyright laws.

The Copyright Laws is created to provide protection to the content creators from preventing its content being stolen or infringed by other illegal activities. But the ROBLOX owners has been publicly, hugely abusing the laws. Justice Alliance does NOT allow groups using the law DMCA or other relevant copyright laws as the reason on oppressing or threatening its company operators and owner to shutdown its group so can make sure “they are the only official group in ROBLOX”. And today, we’re bringing a popular brand “Starblox” up to this table caused their group has always been an undergoing drama against which of them were the official ones. This is also a warning to them as they’re misusing the law.

Justice Alliance will never tolerate on people misusing the abusing the law. So we are now here to issue an global warning to every single group owners and operators, we are here to tell you what does copyright protect. Copyright, a form of intellectual property law, protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture. But it does NOT include online businesses, as part of your ROBLOX groups, copyright does NOT protect its group from preventing others copying, which means you may NOT suppress or threat the people who used your group name as their group name, if you do so that will be counted as violating the ROBLOX Terms of Use (Threatening). So please stop misusing and abusing the copyright laws, you CANNOT form an DMCA or lawsuit someone for copying your group name as DMCA law does NOT cover protection to online businesses.

This is the detailed correct use of a copyright laws, Justice Alliance will continue to remind all group to make sure they do not misuse the copyright laws.

Chairperson @ Justice Alliance International

Example of the owner of Starblox Cafe zachnotzah misusing and abusing the copyright law: