[JW] Security Code of Conduct

[JW] Park Security Code of Conduct

The JW Park Security Division is implemented to keep civility and peace within JW, the Park Security also answers any questions the guests may have, and works to ensure all guests are secure from those who violate rules. The Security Division is one of the few public divisions that work directly in the open engaging with people, while ACU and InGen don’t engage with the public, and are more of behind-the-scenes agencies.


Agency Hierarchy


  • Chief of Security - Head of Division
  • Assistant Chief - Assistant Head of Division
  • Major - Division Oversight
  • Captain - Bureau Commander
  • Lieutenant - Unit Commander
  • Sergeant - Squad Commander
  • Trooper First Class - Senior Trooper
  • Trooper
  • Security Academy - Employee in Training

The Park Security Department also has a responsibility to set a good example for the public and other individuals of the group, this is why there is a code of conduct as listed above to aide individuals towards career enhancement and growth, versus disciplinary action.

Behavioural Expectations
  • Staff are expected to remain professional whilst conducting their duties for Park Security.
  • Disorderly conduct & ROBLOX Terms of Service Violations are prohibited, and are subject to investigation.
  • Neglecting safety of the public or colleagues is against the code of conduct and is not taken lightly.
  • Intentionally endangering the community whether its misuse of force or negligence with a weapon etc is not tolerated and can lead up to dismissal.
  • Harassment in any way shape or form is not tolerated.
  • Misuse of provided materials including firearms, vehicles, radios and any provided item is prohibited and is subject to investigation.
  • Grammar, politeness and public image is key, and anyone to defame this or tarnish it will be punished accordingly.
  • Disrespecting other divisions is prohibited to the third degree.
  • Going out of jurisdiction is tolerated under the condition it’s justified. This does not include stepping on ACU’s feet, which is a violation.
  • Respect is important, respect all your colleagues and the park guests, and of course staff, violations are not taken lightly.
  • You are obliged to report any misconduct to the Internal Affairs.
  • Do not question the hierarchy, orders are orders.
  • Ridiculous hats/faces/hair on duty is prohibited, IA may have discretion depending on the severity.
  • Loopholing any of these rules is prohibited.


Class 3: A severe violation subject to termination, acquired with 2 documented suspensions and 2 warnings, depending on severity.
Class 2: A medium based violation subject to termination or a suspension, depending on the circumstances, acquired by 1 warning and 1 suspension.
Class 1: A mild violation subject to a warning or a suspension, acquired by one warning or one suspension.
Internal Affairs has discretion towards all disciplinary punishment.

Internal Affairs - Internal investigations division.
Patrol Unit I
Patrol Unit II
Patrol Unit III
Training Unit - Trains our employees.

In a division as big as Park Security, ranks and hierarchy is extremely important to us, this is why we promise promotions are unbiased and based on

  • Experience
  • Seniority
  • Disciplinary Record
  • Diligence and Dignity
  • Patrol Logs

Article subject to addition; approved for initial release by TACTICALFALC0N

Employment Terms

  • Individual must serve (30) days in JW Park Security Before resigning or transferring divisions.
  • Individual must not leave during academy
  • Violation of these provisions will result in a dishonourable discharge and a (4) week blacklist
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