JxstMurphy Health's Institute | Residency Training Guide

DISCLAIMER: If you are reading this then that means you are an Attending+ and are either overseeing a Residency Training or are hosting one.

Welcome to the Residency Training Guide, this guide will guide your way to train people that want to become residents!

Before the training, you must announce in #schedule-sessions and #session. You must announce that a training is happening on that day at least one week before it occurs. The announcement should look something like:

[RESIDENCY TRAINING] @Intern (or whatever rank) a residency training will occur on (date) and will be hosted by (your username)! Please react if you will attend. (#schedule-sessions)

20 minutes before it occurs you should announce:

[RESIDENCY TRAINING] @Intern (or whatever rank) a residency will be occurring in 20 minutes! Please begin joining to become a resident at LMU.

Kick anyone that is not allowed in the training and answer as questions people might have.

There should be up to 4 groups. There should be at least 2 trainers per group. If there are not enough trainers, delay a group till a trainer can do the delayed group.

When everything and everyone is sorted out at the time it will occur lock the server and announce to everyone that the server has now been locked and cannot be unlocked without permission from an Board Directors+.

When ready, you may begin with the training.

Hello, everyone! My name is [username], and I’ll be your host for todays session! Please refrain from speaking while I go over the rules.

Before we begin, I’d like to go over some vital information about today’s session! Please listen carefully to the following,

[I] Please stay silent as your trainer is going over the information, interrupting may cause you to misinterpret the information given.

[II] Please be respectful and kind to everyone. We do not tolerate disrespect, or any inappropriate behavior.

[III] If you have any inquiries, please use our ‘PTS’ system. When you state PTS you’ll notify our staff team, and someone will be there to assist you.

[IV] Please follow our dress code, no silly packages or inappropriate clothing attire, there is no direct uniform, however we want our group to stay a comfortable community.

[V] Please refrain from roaming around, as you’ll be kicked from the server. Do not move around unless your trainer has told you to do so.

That is all for today’s rules! At this time, all TRAINERS may head to their stations, Trainee’s please stay put until teleported.



Welcome, everyone! I am trainer for today, I hope you do well in today’s training.

Before, I begin please make sure you do NOT speak and that you do not interrupt me.

You will begin entering the Surgical ward once/if you pass this training.

In the surgical ward, you will be performing surgeries on people that are in need of surgery.

People that usually require surgery are not in need of huge surgeries like the surgeries you see on TV.

You’ll most likely just be performing a broken bone surgery or something of that nature.

If you do run into a huge surgery such as a cardiopathic surgery please contact an Attending+ as they are very experienced in advanced surgery.

Today, you’ll be performing a surgery and that will be it. Please follow me to the surgical ward at our training center.

(lead them to the surgical ward)

Welcome to our surgical ward! Everyone, please circle around our table here.

Please repeat after me as I show you how to perform a surgery. This will be a broken bone surgery.

Cut the patient open with a knife.

Make sure you have a hole big enough to for you to put your hand in it. If not, cut more.

Adjust the bone with proper tools.

Sew the patient up.

And, boom. You are done.

I will not be kicking anyone that did not correctly perform the surgery. (kick anyone that did it incorrectly)

Congratulations everyone! You have evidently passed this training, please follow me to get ranked.