JxstMurphy Health's Institute | Staff Policy


The JHI Staff Policy outlines the basic situation guidelines every employee is expect to follow. Consequences will occur if any individual goes against the following policies. Please read over the following policies carefully and take note of them!

Grammar Usage:

  • When representing the community of JHI Health, it is important for our staff and to use grammar throughout the facilities. In addition, staff refusing to utilize grammar at the center or other facilities will lead to a possible demotion of your position as it shows a sign of unprofessionalism and laziness.


  • Lower Ranks, Intern - Senior Resident, are promoted by attending shifts while working at the center. The host may recognize up to 5 people per shift to be promoted. At no point, will an individual receive a promotion without earning it from a session. Management promotions are strictly given out by the Chief Employment Officer. It’s recommended that you do not ask/hint about being promoted; doing so will decrease your chance of being promoted or lead to a possible demotion of your position.


  • All staff are expected and to be ensured to use a respectful tone and appearance. We should represent kindliness and politeness to all members that visit our facilities. We shall give off a happy ambiance to one another and treat them like family.


  • All staff members are expected to be professional in all JHI Health establishments; this means using grammar and being mature. You should always act mature in-front of our staff members and customers! This is to ensure that you have been trained professionally!

Attire/ Appearance:

  • At JHI Health, we want to keep a safe and orderly atmosphere at our facilities. We want to ensure all members of our community along with our staff team, dress appropriately within facilities. All prohibited bullets will be listed below and will not be allowed at any of our establishments
    • Inappropriate T-Shirts / bad graphics (be mindful little kids are playing)
    • Any clothing that mimics trolling, exploiting.
    • See-through clothing, Racial designs, etc.

Admin Abuse:

  • All Management members, besides individuals who are interning for Chief Resident, will receive moderator permissions at the center; High Ranks will receive admin at the bakery. Admin Abusing is highly prohibited at our facilities! If an individual is caught abusing admin they will receive a suspension and/or termination depending on how severe the actions are!
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