#Kategorie-auf-Deutsch username bug!

Hello, i found a bug on this Developer Forum.
I am currently on Chrome Mobile.
Some users in #Kategorie-auf-Deutsch looks like they are suspended, even though they are not.
(The category is ONLY for german developers)
I tried all themes, nothing changed.

Example here:
The name is transparent gray.

Here, it is completely fine:

Note: this happens to other german users too.


I see you’re not using the normal theme. Can you try to reproduce the issue while using the normal one?

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No, nothing changed. His name is still like that (other german DevForum users as well!)

I guess you’re in that group, too. Your name isn’t grey. It seems to be a issue with your theme.

Otherwise, provide more repro steps, please.

I just don’t have any more repro steps. And it only happens with the #kategorie-auf-deutsch category.

Still don’t experience anything:


Edit: This happens on both my laptop and phone.
I changed to every theme, checked the people who has the same kind of username (ya know the transparent gray ones) and it is still the same regardless the device and theme.

It’s not a bug.

The user is a visitor meaning that they aren’t allowed to post on the DevForum just yet. His username is grayed out to show that.

How to recognize if someone is a visitor or not on your own? Make sure they have a trust status on their summary page. Comparing to me: