Kavora Handbook

Kavora is a newly-fabricated group that follows the theme of traditional all-natural juices, beverages, and meal options, along with a shortened menu with snacks and pastries. We always aim to provide unmatchable services, experiences, and options when it comes to all aspects of our establishment.

Group Information


Affiliate Guidelines


Recipe List


Staff Duties

Management Ranks

» Staff Assistant
The rank of Staff Assistant is the first management rank, and is the gateway to our MR team. This rank will provide individuals with moderator commands and access to MR duties such as attending trainings, hosting shifts within our main game, and dealing with troubling situations. (Rank Limit: 40)

» Kitchen Supervisor
The next MR rank of Kitchen Supervisor essentially entails our staff to identical duties of a Staff Assistant, but this rank consists of staff members that have proven to our Staff Management team that they are experienced enough to understand the basic operations of Kavora. (Rank Limit: 32)

» Assistant Manager
Our second to last MR rank of Assistant Manager is extremely similar to both Kitchen Supervisor and Staff Assistant, but this rank now allows our staff to change the rank of lower-ranked individuals and it allows them to host sessions alongside their fellow staff. (Rank Limit: 20)

» General Management
And finally, our last MR rank has similar duties to all previous MR ranks, but now staff members within this rank are tasked with selecting Head Juicers to join our management team and assisting Corporates with their duties. (Rank Limit: 13)

Corporate Ranks

» Board of Executives
The rank of Board of Executives is the first rank within our High Rank team. Individuals within this rank will be placed within the Staff Management or Public Relations Department following their promotion from General Management. (Rank Limit: 10)

» Operations Officer
These individuals have shown their dedication and hard work within either the Staff Management or Public Relations Department and have been deemed worthy of a more senior-like position. (Rank Limit: 4)

» Operations Director
These individuals have been promoted from their previous rank as the Super Ranks have deemed them worthy of leading a department. (Rank Limit: 2)

Super Ranks

» Vice President
The first rank of our SR Team.

» President

» Vice Chairman

» Chairman

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