Keegan / C6T9 Logo Portfolio! [CLOSED]

About Me

Hey there, my name is C6T9 or Keegan. I have recently opened my logo commissions. You can find some of my work below as well as my prices! I have been doing logos for a very short amount of time and got a lot of good feedback so far!


Here is some of my past work!

Commision Sheet

Take a look at my commissions sheet and prices!


I am available almost all day, but with me getting back into school, during the weekdays I will have a little less hours (3 or 4 less). Other than that I am almost always available.


Prices are all the same, but can be subject to change if logo gets more complex!

Base Logo’s start at 150 Robux. (All payment is through group funds.)


You can contact me on discord; keegan.#0001, or via Twitter at:

Thanks for reading! :smiley_cat: :


Im in need of a logo, my discord is aki#6118.

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Very cool work! I can vouch for anyone looking to hire him! Cheap with great quality logos.

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