Keeping text in place as it changes

So I am trying to simulate a old 1960s IBM mainframe. I am currently making a display screen. The text on this screen is supposed to have a blinking thing like the one in this video below.

But instead the text goes from left to right to left again like this video down below.

What I have tried so far is turning off TextScaled, as well as replacing the blinking thing with a empty space but it keeps adding on to the space instead of replacing.

Here is my code so far

local character=string.char(226)..string.char(150)..string.char(174) --[[The Horizontal Rectangle has to be in ascii 
beacuse the physical string wont work--]]

local Text = script.Parent.TextLabel----The text

while true do
	Text.Text=Text.Text..character---Adds the blinking rectangle to text
	Text.Text=Text.Text:gsub("%"..character,"")----removes rectangle from text	

Would love some help thank you.

Change the Texts Position to Left on the TextXAlignment Property

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Try TextXAllignement.

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robloxapp-20221229-2151380.wmv (177.2 KB)
Ok Worked all i need to do is to reposition the text box. Thanks for the help

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