Kergsud | 3D Graphical Artist | Thumbnails, Logos, Advertisements, Gamepasses, and much more!

– Hey! My name is Kergsud, and I am a graphical artist on Roblox who specialized in making 3D thumbnails, logos, advertisements, gamepasses, twitter banners, youtuber banners, profile pictures, etc.

– I will update my portfolio with more examples, and compile everything below.


CrimsonImmortal’s Commission

ThePhenomenalAK’s Comission


MartinKrueger’s Commission


None yet! Feel free to contact me if you would like to receive one.


None yet! Feel free to contact me if you would like to receive one.

– Right now, my pricing is as follows.

  • Thumbnails - 999 :robux:+ OR $9.99+
  • Icons - 699 :robux:+ OR $6.99+
  • Advertisements - 699 :robux:+ OR $6.99+

Please, keep in mind that prices listed are base prices. I might bump up the price if the complexity of an artpiece is high, or requires more effort. Best way to get a price quote is to directly contact me with what you have in mind.

– Best way to contact me is through discord at Daytona#0001. You can also ask all the questions here, and I will be more than glad to answer them.


Great job with these man! I would buy a thumbnail but i only have 500 in my account right now.

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Just so you know your prices in Robux and Dollars do not match. :robux: 1000 is equivalent to $3.50 USD.

These are impressive though!

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Very impressive. I will be sure to contact some people that may be interested in you. Keep up the good work man.

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Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. :grinning:

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Hey, your tag doesn’t work. Add me on Discord via RookPvPz#8960, thanks!

Added you on discord. Hoping to get to work with you :wink: