Key Pickup for locked door

Today I was working on my obby, trying to grind it out. I got stuck on one thing though. I have like a little secret badge where you open up a secret place and a witch tells you that she needs you to rescue someone, and that you need a key to do it. I want the key to go to the players inventory. But when you go pick it up, other plays can’t pick it up after one player has because it’s gone. Does anyone know how I can make it not disappear after it’s touched, so it can be picked up by everyone. It’s kinda like those things in tycoons for weapons. The player touches the tube, and it gives them the weapon, and it doesn’t disappear. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know.

Don’t make the tool able to pick up, just make it so that when the key is touched the script puts a cloned version of the tool into their backpack.


ohhhh ok, thanks you so much! Have a good day!

I’m also not very good with scripting, do you mind showing me a example? If not that’s cool.

Sorry, I’m not that good a scripter myself, I just had the suggestion of what to do.