Keystone Student Council Elections 4/3/18

Hello Keystone,

I would like to thank everyone who ran in this election and would also like to take a moment to address your dedication and love towards the future of Keystone. Keystone wouldn’t be where it is without each and every one of you. That being said their can only be one President and one Vice President of the student body. I encourage you to run again if you lost and not feel defeted. Often the winner has a mixture of popularity among the student body and good ideas/policy.

Current Term Begins: 4/5/2018

Current Term Ends: 5/25/2018

Let us give a warm welcome to our new elected officials!
Cloutrap won the popular vote but did not want the position he said he ran just for fun and is looking forward to seeing keystone involve into an amazing place.

President: xxcatnessgamingxx

Vice President: pleasentbatgirl101

Secretary: Mornarch_26

Treasurer: Teratots

Wanna see how you scored compared to them?
Check your scores below. Please keep in mind that if you voted for yourself it was discarded.

cloutrap:47 Votes - Won Popular Vote -
ActressDreamer336: 2
GuestJake10004: 4
EarlyZizi: 2
Aliseee: 3
IIloveowen17: 3
princessdamiyah: 4
pleasentbatgirl101: 14
cherrybomb333: 8
lil_queen1738: 12
LaurieSmh: 4
madelyn2012: 5
Mornarch_26: 9
xXCatnessGamingXx: 26
sillycuteella: 0
1kooldog: 2
SKYLARpink16: 1
DoughnutDogman: 3
iiKaptinii: 3
Awesomekid10117: 0
zyzy_estwick: 1
SnoopArcanum: 3
YouFoundKing: 0
bigdaddyjaylen456: 1
Kyutielovespirits: 2
Addymacic176459: 1
jbcool10302: 2
Turbrex: 1
trooperliam2009: 6
ALegitHeroForever: 4
summerbreeze: 3
Velexaz: 4
teratots: 6

Thank you all for participating in the election. Special thanks to @tgfhg for helping in the development of our amazing voting place.

Don’t forget to join the group here



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