Kick non-admins from a team

How would I kick non-admins from a team if they try to switch to that team?

admin where? in a group? you can use player:getrankingroup(group id) and check if they got the rank

like a list of players that are allowed to be in a certain team, but if other players try to join that team, they get kicked

you can constantly check the team for the players in it with a loop, and check if their user id (or name) is part of the list

or even better, when adding the player to the group, check if their name or user id, is part of the list, if not dont add them to the team

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Where is the list? You need to specify, is it an array? You can check when a user joins the team to check if they are in that array, I can give you an example if you can provide the “list”
This is the event that fires when a user is added to a team.

KonoKore and ximeremix are the 2 main admins

	if not player.Name == "KonoKore" or not player.Name == "ximeremix" then
        -- do whatever you want if the person is not an admin
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HORRIBLE solution.

Not only will this break if the user changes their username, but ximeremix will always be kicked off the team because you forgot to add not to the second condition.

The code below should work:

local admins = {1074726208, 155025104} -- admin user ids here, add as many as youd like
if not table.find(admins, player.UserId) then 
-- do what youd like with non admins who have joined the team

I couldn’t be bothered to go get their id, I am sure they are smart enough to figure that out them selves :slight_smile:

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Are u sure? I’ve seen a lot of this Damn world and uh, Everybody seems to be Dumb :skull:

Where should i specifically put this script at, and what kind?

You can put it in a script inside ServerScriptStorage

You should actually put it in serverscriptservice, no such thing as serverscriptstorage im pretty sure :skull:

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You used their username + no table, you cant assume everyone knows this stuff