Kimathi4theWin - Cheap & Reliable Front End, Intermidiate Programmer

Hello, I’m Kimathi. I’m an intermediate programmer from the UK. I have worked on quite a few games which I often abandon, and I’m hoping to do some cheap short term commissions.

some things you might want to know about me:

Contributed 30M Visits
I like making friends
my timezone is GMT
i usually work for 2-8 hours everyday

Things I Won’t Do:

Advanced Gun systems

Things that I CAN do:

I can make simple tycoons

I can make fully functional Obby’s

I can make simulators

Camera Manipulation

Round Systems

Basic Guns

Escape Games


and more!

What I’m Working On At The Moment.

Well I was working on a 2D Platformer Game with different obstacles and levels. I have added a main menu, where you can alter with the music, and I have added a coin counter, along with spinning Kill Bricks and Conveyor Belts. I have also added the 2D Camera System.
I have one level Completed At The Moment If you want to check it out:




On the side, I’ll Be Working On A Pretty cool project with my friend, Adiriki.

It’s a game where people can meet each other, chat with friends, play different games, listen to music and more.


Notable people I have worked for:



Hopefully, more coming :wink:


I try not to overprice my work.

Small tasks can start from around 200-2K :robux_gold:

Slightly Large Tasks Can go from 2-8K :robux_gold:

Big/Hard Tasks can go from 8-20K :robux_gold:

Where can I Contact You?

You can contact me on discord @kimathi#2150 (Fastest Response)


Twitter: @KimathiDev

I suppose you can also PM Me on the devforum.

Thanks for stopping By.


do u accept paypal,contact me on discord if yes,user0914#5138

Yeah I can, I’ll contact you now. Talk to you later! Thanks!