King of Pirates - Builder Hiring



Hello there, this thread is about to seek for potential builders for King of Pirates, a game where players fight, roleplay and build their fame around a world full of pirates and other various criminal organizations.

This is the GAME.

About The Job

If you are open-minded, friendly and have good communication skills feel free to apply!
Our game needs at least 6 big islands, at the end of which we might come to an agreement to let you continue your career in our studio.


Currently, we set a base price of 15KR$(or 40 USD, PayPal only) per island.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter.
Either way join our Discord at this link and DM me @ChiefDays#0001.


You must be 13 years or older to apply.


Can you post images/videos of gameplay? I’m not paying 350 robux just to have a gander.


It would be more appreciated to be constructive in your criticism. Eg.

“My experience working with so-and-so has not been well, so-and-so’s work ethic involves paying a less amount than what was originally promised, having bad communication skills, as well as being compassionate with his developers. As a person who has worked for him, I have not appreciated the lack of collaboration and helpfulness he has provided. I would not suggest applying for this job due to these issues.”

Just for the future, using words like “never,” “always,” “tries his best to insert negative action here.” In the end there is some sort of misunderstanding or resolution that could come out of further communications, and sometimes you’re just digging a deeper hole.

Back on-topic, I appreciate ChiefDays’s workflow. I have worked for him for a short while, yet he has been very calm, understanding, and friendly to work with. He does a lot of work himself, which shows that he understands how hard work is, and won’t bail on you or be a jerk unnecessarily. ChiefDays is very passionate about King of Pirates, and has worked on it continuously. If you have the adequate work experience, ChiefDays will be more than happy to work side-by-side with you. Additionally, I know that King of Pirates has a large fanbase, as the game revolves on elements of one-piece (which many are attracted to). Working for King of Pirates will help give you greater exposure.


Thread updated with footage of the game.
If you need more footage, check out King of Pirates on google or youtube.


Quick reminder, the position is still open.
I had one commission completed and I would like the following ones to have a very similar style to the first one:


If you think you take this task, feel free to contact me again, even if you’ve already messaged me. :slight_smile:


Price has increased again, bump!


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