Kings and Dungeons -- First Dungeon WIP

Hello! Currently I’ve been working on a game called Kings and Dungeons!

A little bit about Kings and Dungeons,

Kings and Dungeons is a MMO Dungeon Crawler type game. There will be many different themed dungeons to loot, getting some pretty awesome armor, weapons, and vanity. Many more features will be added, including some form of open/closed pvp, trading items, selling items to real players, and player guilds.

This is the first dungeon we’re creating, it’s designed to be a traditional dungeon and a good start for new players. The design of the entire game will be based around a low-poly medieval style.

Dungeon 1 images

Keep in mind that this is all a WIP, there will be a lot more rooms and places to explore, these are just the ones that are mostly done. Any suggestions and feedback would help a lot!


Probably one of the only good low-poly builds out there (no offense). Good job on the lighting and build :heart:


Great visual style to the build, but I feel like the lighting is a bit overdone. You have a lot of candles around the rooms but candles don’t usually give off a lot of brightness. Maybe a more subdued lighting enviroment would suit the atmosphere more? By the state of the chipped pillars and the overturned tables (etc) I can assume that this dungeon is in some sort of abandonment/disrepair, and a darker tone could match this.


It looks great, the only thing i would say is that it’s very chaotic if that’s what you’re going for then you did a very good job.

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I agree with having a darker tone In the images, It appears the dungeon seems to be brightly lit, I’d say a little bit less lighting and more ruins to give off the abandonment scene. [More fallen Pillars, Chipped walls, etc]


Also In the last image, It looks more like there was a brawl.

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@a_voc You have me sold on this game Idea! I can’t wait to try it out myself when the testing phases are live! I think everything you’re doing now with the game is really good and that you should keep going in that direction!

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