King's Rush: Arcade & Chaos Update


New update for King’s Rush has been dropped!. King’s Rush is my 6th Roblox game that I’ve been having alot of fun to work on. It’s a competitive game with lots of maps, your objective is to be the first to reach the end.

Check out what is new in this update

New Maps
  • Arcade: The new Arcade map consists in a big retro-style map with a bunch of old things and references!

  • Chaos: The new Chaos map is a chaotic map with loops as paths and a bunch of memes around the map

New Badges
Other stuff added

Anonymous Setting

  • This setting will make all players with a default gray skin, their accessories hidden and the username title as “ANONYMOUS”, as well as the rank will be hidden if they got one.
  • Old chat brought back
  • System Messages added when the VIP Server owner chooses a map
  • SFXs for gui buttons
  • New Menu button
  • Removed the “Hide All Buttons Except Settings & Leaderboard” setting due to it being useless with the new menu button

Play now here: 👑King's Rush - Roblox