Kitten's Hotels LR Rules and Expectations

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’’ We invite you to try it!’'
If any of the rules have been broken you will get an instant demotion! Seeing anybody break the rules report them in our Discord server,
LR Rues and Expectations

As an LR, you represent Kittens Hotel by helping our guests with their stay. These rules must be abided at all times.

  • Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times.

  • You must show respect, excelling behaviour, and attitude towards EVERYBODY.

  • Hinting for any rank will result in an instant demotion.

  • Some rules are not completely listed above, but those not listed are mainly and completely common sense, and we expect you to not break them.

*You must ask an MR+ to take a 10+ break.

*Staff are required to use grammar at ALL times.

*Cheating in points is not allowed in any of our games!

*If there is a troller you must give them 3 warnings then you may report them to an MR+.

*The only time you can ask for a promotion is when you reach the point expectations!
Please remember that breaking these rules will result in a ban and demotion.

Written by Kidder546, Edited by loverbatboy