Kja Hotel and Resorts update log

Hello this is an update log of kja Hotel and Resorts! This is the Update log. Here you can see the current update and the past updates.

This game is still in beta if you have any problems send them on the group wall or message me on ROBLOX or Discord.


*Added Store
*Added Garage
*Added helper
*Added Tunnel
*Added more things inside the hotel (Elevators, Pool, Some rooms)


*Added Terrain
*Added Hotel
*Game is now paid access


Q: Why is it 50 robux to play?
A: The game is still in beta but when it comes out of beta it is planning to be free.

Q: What is the difference between the old hotel game and the new one?
A: The newer one is being built and designed better.

Q: When will I recive the special items for buying beta?
A: You will get the items when beta is fully realeased out of beta.