KneadMo | 2D Artist [CLOSED]

About Me

Hello there! I am KneadMo. I am 18 years old, and an aspiring illustrator, with a lot of years of experience under my belt. I have been drawing digitally for 3 years, and traditionally since forever. I am comfortable with drawing waist-up pictures but am delighted to try new things, although I’ll judge whether or not I’ll be able to meet your expectations.

Do note that I don’t work on commissions on Wednesdays & Saturdays!


I don’t do logos, and don’t plan to learn it anytime soon

Roblox Style

Semi realistic style

Most Recent Work


Experimented with perspective a bit.

Below, I’ve used varying line size, having closer objects with thicker line art and the further thinner.


Terms and Conditions

Ordering a commission means you have FULLY ACCEPTED AND READ the terms and conditions below.

  • Don’t claim the drawing as yours.

  • This is first-come, first-serve. I don’t accept additional payments to hasten my work.

  • In case of a deadline, please tell me immediately so that I can prepare for it. If I won’t be able to make it, I will be able to tell you in advance.

  • Tell me the details you would want to see in the drawing, references are a good way to tell me what I should do.

  • I will send at the very least, the sketch of the drawing, and the base colors of the drawing so that you will be able to decide what to change.

  • You are not allowed to refund the drawing once I’m past the sketch stage, this applies to Paypal and Roblox payment.

  • Regarding payment, pay 100% after you’re satisfied with the sketch. You are able to back out from the commission if I’ve only done the sketch.
    NOTE: If you’re paying via shirts, you’ll have to pay the tax.

  • After the drawing is finished, minor changes will be free. Major changes that will take 15+ minutes will not be done.

  • I am allowed to post the work on social media sites unless told not to.


I am able to spend 2-3 hours on the drawing each day, depending on my workload. I am, however, unable to work on it on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
My time zone is GMT+8.


:robux: 1000 - Roblox Style Pfp
:robux: 3000 - Semi Realistic Style Pfp
:robux: 4500 - Thumbnails
:robux: 1000 (depends on complexity) - Ads
I accept Group Funds, T-shirt payment, and Paypal.

Contact Me on:

Discord: KneadMo#0757
Instagram: @KneadArt
Twitter: @ArtKnead
I’m most responsive on discord.

Thanks for reading!


Amazing art style, and for free??


I added you on Discord!
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Not going to lie, a lot of people when they first make portfolios don’t have that many examples.

If your quality is good, (which it sure is) you don’t need 50 images of your work to attract consumers.

Sell your work, and then build your portfolio from there.


Added you on discord, volt#9988

You have so much talent! You should charge at the very least 3-6k per drawing!
This is outstanding quality! Hope you find success.


Looks neat!
A cool hand-drawn profile pic? I’m down!

I’ve added on Discord.

Wow oof. I thought this was on my portfolio lol.

Ah I see, but the problem is, I currently don’t have the time to sell my works with a deadline. I’m still trying to grasp this style, and I’m far too inefficient, seeing I’m using 3 hours for a piece.

Out of all the people I have ever commissioned for, only ONE of them ever had a set deadline for me. The rest of the people were perfectly happy waiting until I was completely finished.

I don’t think you should encounter any problems. You need to value your time and work more.

I see! Alright. I will think about it more. I’ll start by closing this thread, and finishing the people requesting one (If I agreed). Thank you for the guidance! It’s always quite confusing and frustrating when going out your comfort zone. Makes it easier when theres someone to guide you.

She is a wonderful artist!
She has created an insane representation of my character in her style.
100% would recommend 10/10.

After finishing about 17 people requesting a drawing, and not turning down any, I’ve finally been free! I’ve removed the old drawings and changed them to very recent drawings, as the ones in my portfolio before were 1-2 years old.

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Great artist, I’m very impressed with quality and speed.

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Wondering if your up to do a group logo! If you are, contact me on the Forum!

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Is this still for free cause I need someone?

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Inserted thumbnail examples, ads, and semi-realistic drawings. Included pricing for thumbnail and ads.

I hired KneadMo for a profile picture.
Turned out great.
I highly recommend this artist if you’re interested in a professional and high quality picture with a charming style.

I would recommend KneadMo 100%. This is one of the best artist’s I have commissioned from, and he took time into making sure it was perfect and I liked it, even with our insane timezone difference. The work, shading, and art style itself is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time, and at a really good price.

If your looking for someone to do work for you- then you found the portfolio!

This is what I commissioned :

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I’m sorry to bump this thread, but I think you should totally add a list of the notable clients. Such as Simbuilder (who sent me your portfolio).

I also wanted to say I think you are incredibly talented. I’ve worked with a lot of developers in the years. I haven’t seen this level of such talent in quite a while. I think you definitely have a future for yourself in graphic design.