Knit how do I convert BindableFunctions/events into knit

I’m trying to convert my game into using the Knit framework right now and I’m wondering on the best way to convert my bindable functions and events into using the framework, if anyone has a best way please share


did u ever figure this out i’ve been trying to figure it out aswell?


For one-way communication (server to server or client to client) you can use the “Signal” class. If your using wally add this:

Signal = "sleitnick/signal@1.2.0"

and run

wally install

If not, there should be a “Signal” module inside “Packages” folder, require it, if not, add it and write this in it:

return require(script.Parent._Index["sleitnick_signal@1.5.0"]["signal"])

The Signal should already be there when you install Knit.

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