Known issue for Macbooks running macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and higher


A fix for this is now live. You can type freely again!


Yay, I can actually have SRGB settings enabled again; yet there is still the test server initial run issue on macOS, which I guess I will make a thread about soon if no one has been notified of it yet.


Do you press Test and just nothing happens? Like it opens a new window, wait, then it just shuts again? I haven’t tested the patch yet, I’ll edit when I do.

Also, @Silent137 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Yes, instead it opens and does not connect to the test server, and I have to go into the activity monitor and manually quit it in order for it to run properly. Also, if I don’t quit the failed to open test window then all other test windows thereafter will cease to work.

This is especially annoying since I am constantly testing a multi-player game.

p.s. Does this issue occur randomly and frequently for you as it does for me?


We’re aware of the issue with Start Server/Player and it’s next on our list of High Sierra issues.


This is happening on macOS Sierra too though, specifically 10.12.6 on a 2017 5k iMac.


Looks like the laggy script editor is back on Mac since the last studio update. Any one else experiencing it?


Yep I’m also experiencing it


@Silent137 looks like it’s back :disappointed:


Yep, me as well


Having a super laggy editor again :confused: