Koala ThemePark Training Guides

This is the official Koala ThemePark training guide!


As the host you have one of the most important things.
“Hello! Welcome to today’s training session! My name is [ROBLOX USERNAME]. And I am your host for today’s training session. Please follow these rules. Before we begin, here’s a list of our rules.”
“Rule I. Please do not troll during this training session.”
“Rule II. Please don’t spam the chat during this session.”
“Rule III. Please don’t be rude to anybody during this training session as your trainers are taking time out of their day to help train you.”
“Rule IIII. Please listen to your trainer and the host.”
“Okay, those are all of the rules. Thank you for reading them. Please don’t break any rules.”
“Trainers, please line up at the door!”
“Okay, [GROUP A,B OR C] line up at the door.”
“Trainers, please pick your group that you would like to train.”


As a trainer you have the second most important role as a trainer!
“Hello! Welcome to today’s trainings. My name is [ROBLOX USERNAME]. And I will be your trainer for today!”
“Before we begin, do you have any questions or concerns?”
“Okay, great! I wish everyone the best of luck during today’s training session!”
“QI. Where do you see your future at Koala ThemePark?”
“QII. What are some goals here that you are seeking.”
“QIII. What rank do you seek in the future?”
“QIIII. How many warnings does a troller get?”
“QIIIII. What should you do when a troller reaches the maximum amount of warnings?”


As a helper you have to do the trolling test!
“Okay, we are doing the trolling test right now. I will troll and you will do what you learned previously.”
Make up stuff like that but no rudeness.

Ride operator training guides.


As a trainer you must teach them very clearly and informatively.
Greetings! Welcome to today’s training session! My name is [ROBLOX USERNAME]. And I am your trainer for today!

Separate message.
Okay, before we begin, does anybody have questions?
Separate message.
Okay, being a ride operate is very tricky, it takes a lot of practice and time to master!
Separate message.
I will show you haw to operate the ride, and then I would like to see you operate the ride! Don’t worry I will explain what every button does.
Separate message.
Okay, now I have finished telling you what button does what.
Separate message.
I will call you up one at a time for you to be tested.
Separate message. Once everyone finished say this.
Okay, thank you for being super patient while we were doing this session! Your results are now being checked.
Separate message. If they pass say,
Congratulations! You have passed the training session! I can’t wait to see you at the theme park!
Separate message. If they failed.
Unfortunately, you have failed the ride operator test. Don’t worry, there is always a next time and you can always try again. Thank you for attending today’s training session!