Koisito Training Guide


This post includes the training guide for Koisito.


  • Host: (Coordinator+) 14+
  • Co-Host: (Coordinator+) 14+
  • Trainer: (Manager+) 13+
  • Assistant: (Staff Assistant+) 10+


  • The Host or Co-Host must assign teams to each trainee by naming them 5 minutes before the training begins.
  • Ranks 1-3 and 5-8 may not spectate sessions.
  • Extra MRs are to be dismissed.


  • The Host must join at least 20 minutes before the session starts, if the host arrives late, a replacement Host can be selected.
  • 20 minutes before the starting time, the Host must announce the session in the Discord server and the group shout.
  • Trainers and Assistants should start to join 10-20 minutes before the session starts.


There is going to be a training session held at [INSERT TIME + TIME ZONE]! Any LR (ranks 6-9) will be eligible to join for a possible promotion! MR+ (ranks 10+) will be able to assist!
Hosted by: [@HOST]

[Chai Cafe] Training Center

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“Where the flavors explode!”


**[TRAINING] A training session is going to commence at [INSERT TIME + TIME ZONE]! Any LR (ranks 6-9) will be elligible to join for a possible promotion! MR+ (ranks 10+) will be able to assist!

  • Once the server has been locked (slock) for the session to begin, shout this on the group wall.

[TRAINING] Unfortunately, the [INSERT TIME + TIME ZONE] training has been slocked and is commencing shortly. If you were not able to make it, you can always try again since we host sessions daily!


  • 10 minutes before the session starts, the Host should enable PTS by announcing the following in-game:

m Please do not speak unless you are permitted to do so. If you need to ask a question, simply say ‘PTS’, then an MR+ will come to you and permit you to speak.

  • PTS should be denied a few minutes before the session starts to prevent any discussion.

:m PTS is now denied. If you have any further questions, please save them for your trainers or assistants. If anyone continues to speak, they will be removed from this session.


Strikes should be displayed as such:


You can give a player a strike by using the following command:


Please note that trainees do NOT get a strike when they correct themselves.


  • About 5 minutes before the session starts, the Co-Host should start teaming up trainees, trainers and assistants.
  • Make sure to balance out the number of Trainees in each team.
  • The command to team up players is as followed:



Before the hosts introduce themself, make sure the server has been locked. You can do this by saying “slock”. After the server is locked, the Host may begin.


[HOST] m Welcome to this training session! My name is [INSERT USERNAME], and I will be your host for this session! We will now go over the rules.

[CO-HOST] m Hello! My name is [INSERT USERNAME], and I will be your Co-Host for this session!

[HOST] m My Co-Host will be going over the rules, please give them your attention and try not to cause a distraction.

[CO-HOST] m We use a strike system, this means that when you don’t use proper grammar and/or don’t answer correctly you will get a maximum of 3 strikes. Surpassing that amount will result in failure.

[CO-HOST] m Disrespecting anyone taking part in this training will lead to a strike or even failure. Please note that discussing with your trainer or assistant trainer also counts as disrespect.

[CO-HOST] m If you need to go AFK, you have to get approval from your trainer.

[CO-HOST] m Unfortunately, if you leave or disconnect, you will not be able to join back.

[CO-HOST] m Thank you for listening, I will now turn everything over to the Host.

[HOST] m Trainers, please go to your corresponding teams.

(Proceed to open the doors by either saying “opendoora” or “opendoorb” depending on the teams and amount of trainees.)

[HOST] m Trainees, you may now follow your corresponding trainers.

[HOST] m All members participating should have now arrived at their stations. Everyone is now allowed to begin.


[TRAINER] Welcome, Trainees! I am [INSERT USERNAME], and I will be your Trainer for this session!

[ASSISTANTS] Greetings! I am [INSERT USERNAME], and I will be your Assistant Trainer for this session. I wish you all the best of luck!

[TRAINER] Does anyone have any questions before we start?

[TRAINER] We will now begin the training!


[TRAINER] We will now be going into the first section.

[TRAINER] We will come up to you. You should greet us as we are normal customers.

[TRAINER] An ideal greeting is as followed:

[TRAINER] “Hello! Welcome to Koisito! My name is [INSERT USERNAME]. How may I serve you on this wonderful day?

[TRAINER] Feel free to mix up your greeting, but please make sure to state your username.

[TRAINER] Once a greeting has been stated, an Assistant will request an order consisting of two items of their choice.

[TRAINER] You will be required to serve them properly, then state an outro.

[TRAINER] An ideal outro will be followed:

[TRAINER] “Thank you for visiting Koisito! It has been a pleasure serving you today, we hope to see you again soon!”

[TRAINER] Are there any questions before we begin?

[TRAINER] We will now walk up to you individually. When we walk up to you, please state your greeting. We will correct any grammar mistakes if it is needed.

(The Trainer/Assistants may walk up to the Trainees. Please wait for them to say their greeting. You may correct any grammar or spelling mistakes at this time before proceeding to the next line.)

[ASSISTANTS] May I have a [FOOD/DRINK] and a [FOOD/DRINK], please?


[TRAINER] Welcome to the trivial portion of your training! These are a few simple questions to test your cafe knowledge.

[TRAINER] Please send what you believe is the correct answer in the PM once received.

[TRAINER] You will get a decent amount of time to answer each question, but taking too long could result in failure.

[TRAINER] We will now begin.

Questions (ASK 3):

[ASSISTANTS] pm (username, username) How many warnings do you give a troller?

Answer: III (3).

[ASSISTANTS] pm (username, username) What do you do if you encounter an exploiter?

Answer: Contact an MR+.

[ASSISTANTS] pm (usernames, username) Do we serve [FOOD/DRINK/ITEM]?

Answer: Yes/No.

[ASSISTANTS] pm (username, username) Do we warn for abusing caps?

Answer: Only if the person is using it for trolling purposes.

[ASSISTANTS] pm (username, username) Up to how many items can be ordered at once?

Answer: IIII (4).


[TRAINER] Great job, we are now completing the final stage of your training!

[TRAINER] We only give trollers III (3) warnings, but remember that major spammers, bypassers and, exploiters get 0 warnings.

[TRAINER] Remember that major spammers, customers with inappropriate attire, bypassers, and exploiters will get ZERO warnings.

[TRAINER] You should say Contacts MR/HR since this will just be a role-play. Note that you should actually contact MR/HR in the actual game.

[TRAINER] However in the case where you are at the cafe, you can call an MR+ by going to the group wall, calling one in-game, or from our Communications Server.

[TRAINER] Are there any other questions?

[TRAINER] The simulation will start when an assistant walks up to you. Please greet them as if they were customers.


Trainers should now pass or fail each trainee, if a trainee has over 3 strikes, it’s a direct fail. Please remember to be respectful about it passing and/or failing trainees at all times. If the Trainee has passed, you should take them to a Host or Co-Host to be ranked.


You should dismiss trainees using the following command:

kick [USERNAME] Ranked!


You should dismiss trainees using the following command:

**kick [USERNAME] Unfortunately, you did not pass, but you can always try again at a later session which we host daily.**This text will be hidden

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