Konicha Public Handbook [WIP]

public handbook

Welcome to Konicha’s Public Handbook!

Jubilations! This handbook has information that can be vital for you throughout your journey on Konicha! Konicha is an upcoming Sushi Restaurant on ROBLOX with large varieties of food for you, our staff will ensure you leave with a smile!

alliance info

Alliance Information

Welcome to the Alliance Information Page!

Welcome! This is the Konicha Alliance Information! You can ally with us for many reasons! Our group is an upcoming sushi restaurant, it is a strict, professional community! We will help everyone who asks a question because everyone deserves an answer! We will also help support your group with positivity and exciting opportunities like no others!


  • Your group must have 75+ members (Exceptions can be made)
  • Your group must not be botted
  • You must have a communications server
  • Your group must be active
  • You group must be a roleplay group (restaurant, juice bar, cafe, dentistry, etc)
  • Your group must be professional
  • You must announce our events and applications
  • You must have 2 representatives join our discord

If you fail to comply with our requirements, we will terminate our alliance


  1. Why do you want to ally with Konicha?
  2. What makes your group unique?
  3. Describe your group.
  4. Explain what is an alliance, what it cab help.
  5. What special qualities does your group posses?
  6. How can you benefit us?
  7. How can we benefit you?
  8. Why should Konicha ally with you?
  9. What makes you think that your group meets the requirements for an alliance?
  10. Who are your 2 representatives? (Must have 2 valid discord tags that can represent)

If you meet all the requirements, and you can send in an application in a ticket!

rank descriptions

Rank Descriptions

Welcome to the Rank Descriptions Page!

Salutations, and welcome to the Rank Descriptions! The Rank Descriptions page
contains vital information about the following ranks listed below!

Low Ranks


Ah, the favorites! Customers is a wonderful group of people who make Konicha who they are today. We welcome Customers to go to Interviews, shifts, and join our Discord server. We love every single member of Konicha, and we would love for them to work here.

Noted Customers

Noted Customers can be multiple people. Resigned staff members from MR-SHR, owners from valued groups, etc. They are welcomed at any session at any time.


Congrats, you passed interviews! Trainee employees need to go to trainings in order to serve Customers. For now, they can attend shifts, but would recommend joining training to be promoted to work.


The server come and brings the food from the Kitchen to the Customers so they can eat and takes their order! They can attend trainings to be promoted to a higher rank!

Sushi Chef

Sushi Chefs make the Sushi for the Servers to bring the exquisite sushi to the customers. They go to trainings to get promoted and to learn more food to cook!

Tempura Chef

Tempura Chefs are taught more things to cook, and they can cook very tasty Tempuras! Lots of people like to be at this rank because they can cook very tasty tempura here! They can attend trainings to learn more food to cook and to get promoted! These are the 2nd-to highest LR rank among the LRs. They are very experienced, and pass trainings with excellence. They are to take orders and attend shifts.

Lead Chef

Lead Chef are in charge of attending shifts, and are to keep LRs working. Yet they are not yet an MR, they can still report you to an MR/HR for Konicha. They are to take orders, and be a great example for new LRs. They are the highest LR rank amongst the LRs. They are super experienced, and they are taught to cook pretty much everything!

Medium Ranks

Staff Assistant

The Staff Assistants are hired MRs based off of promotion from the restaurant, or an application. They are to follow the rules of their mentor, assist at training & interviews, attend all sessions and report the sessions that they’ve completed to their mentor. Once their internship is completed, they are promoted to Supervisor.


The Supervising Team supervises all of the chats and sessions on ROBLOX/Discord. They are in charge to report a mishap at any game associated with Konicha, and to report a promotion/demotion recommendation.

Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager helps the Manager keep track of all of the sessions & updates the trello cards. They are also to go to sessions to update executives on who they should promote/demote.


The Manager keeps track of all of the sessions & updates the trello cards. They are also to go to sessions to update executives on who they should promote/demote. They can also host sessions.

High Ranks

Corporate Assistant

Corporate Assistants are to follow up with the Corporate with whom they think they should promote/demote. They head to training, interviews and shifts to determine who is really doing their best. They receive assignments from the Executives.

Corporate Officer

Corporate Officers are in charge of all of staff promotions/demotions. They are always looking for someone to promote/demote. They are given Interns and receive various assignments from Executives.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the Chairman of Directors assistant decide when to hire, and who to fire. They can give assignments to lower ranks below them.

Chairman of Directors

The Board of Directors makes decisions of when to hire, and who to fire. They can give assignments to lower ranks below them.

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant helps with the lead of departments, along with overseeing HR/MR actions. To add on, they also help the Presidential Team.


The Executives can lead of all the departments… They see over all of the HRs actions and assign interns to each department employee. They also hand out promotions and demotions each week. Along with employment info, they also help the Presidential Team.


The developer creates all of the games for Konicha. They approve/disapprove of suggestions channel, and apply the approved suggestions to the Restaurant. They also inform Konicha of any updates made to any games.

Presidential Assistant

The Presidential Assistants are invited to the Presidential Team from a promotion if the Executive is working extremely hard. They are to follow the rules, assist in decisions, supervise the staff, and report the people that they’ve supervised.

Vice President

The Vice Presidents also watch over all of the staff members & team operations to ensure all changes/goals to the server/group are met. The Vice Presidents also creates and revises systems in order to raise efficiency.


The Presidents oversee all of the staff members & team operations to ensure all goals/changes to the group/server are met. The Presidents create and assign assignments for all of the ranks to finish.

Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman is the Co-Owner of Konicha. Along with SimplyUnexistable, he makes all the final decisions with SimplyUnexistable, and holds authority all over the staff members.


The Chairman is the Founder of Konicha. Along with founding Konicha, SimplyUnexistable makes all of the final decisions, and holds authority over all of the staff members.

sa promotion

Staff Assistant Promotion Guide

Welcome to the Staff Assistant Promotion Guide!

Salutations, and welcome to the Staff Assistant Promotion Guide! This Page
contains vital information for your success into becoming an Staff Assistant! We’d love to have you join our staff team!


  • Must have a discord and be in our discord serer
  • Must be 13 or over
  • Must have MR experience
  • Must be a Lead Chef
  • No bad reputation in the past
  • Active within the group
  • Must use grammar when on Konicha property or at alliances
  • Must be active
  • Must have experience in dealing with trollers/helping people
  • Must work for 5 consecutive days
  • Must be professional

How to get higher chances to getting promoted

  • Help deal with situations
  • Help fellow staff
  • Slowly serve the customers, do not rush them
  • Help people on the group wall
  • Have a positive attitude

How to ruin your chances to getting promoted

  • Asking people to be served (INCLUDES ASKING STAFF TO BE SERVED)
  • Using alts to serve them
  • Asking staff to promote you
  • Advertising
  • Having a negative attitude
  • Refusing to help staff or customers
  • Rushing to server customers