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My name is Koroukk. I have been with Roblox since 2015 (on alts).

About Me

I am a well experienced builder. I am also good with GFX. I can not script yet, but I hope to do so in the future.

I am a business man in Roblox, I love to work and own groups, in which you get to experience jobs at a young age.


As mentioned, I am a well experienced developer.

Here is some of my work:


I don’t expect too much payment.
I accept Robux and PayPal.

30m: 300R$
60m: 750R$
120m: 1200R$
1d: 3000R$
1w: 10000R$
I am able to negotiate a reasonable price.

30m: 1.00
60m: 2.00
120m: 4.00
1d: 10.00
1w: 20.00
I am able to negotiate a reasonable price.

I will absolutely respond to DMs on DevForum @Koroukk or via Discord Koroukk ; andrew#1845

[CLOSED] Hiring Camp Map Builder
Looking for developers interested in a collaboration
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Some comments:

Your hiring rates are buried in the “Building” details tab. That ideally should be a separate panel so we can see your rates without opening your showcases.

You’ve mentioned this, but you have only included building work in your portfolio. May you include samples of your graphic design work so we can get a sense of your skill here?

Why not post this in #collaboration:portfolios if you preference DevForum employers over public employers? The Private Collaboration category specifically exists to tailor your threads to the DevForum, while the Public Collaboration category is intended for viewership outside the DevForum. Is there a reason why you preference DevForum members as well? It’s more likely that you will receive requests from non-members.

It’s certainly a nice and simple portfolio, it looks great. I feel like you need to show yourself a little more though - I can’t get comfortable with a profile that only briefly and vaguely explains oneself. A portfolio is intended to showcase yourself as a developer and in general, tell us about your experiences and such on the platform. Learning some more about you and your craft may lead to more offers being pitched.


Still available for hire!

Prices have gone down 25%. Didn’t change the prices on the post. Whatever is shown in pricing, reduce it by 25%.