KoZiMixTV - Builder - Portfolio (For Hire)

About Me

Hello, i am KoZiMixTV, i am currently working on RoWorlds, which is a pretty huge project, but that’s not the point here, i am a builder, i don’t use blender or any programs like that as much as studio, which i am more used to.

My Work

Here are screenshots of all the things i did in 2 hours

(all of this was done in studio in only 2 hours)


I am available 2-4 hours a day during weekends, and 1 hour during the week.


Prices are in robux, must be payed upfront before i sent you the file.

Asset (Sword, pickaxe ect.): 100 R$
Small Building (Obby stage, small house ect.): 350 R$
Big Building (Big apartment, Big house ect.): 750 R$
Small Map: 1500 R$
Big Map: 5000 R$


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: KoZiMixTV#2059 I prefer discord to be honest.

Thanks for reading, hopefully we figure something out! :slight_smile:

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