[KRC] Kennedy Research Corporation || Rules and Information

Hello, I’m a developer in KRC with allowance from the Founder to post this.


Welcome to [KRC] Kennedy Research Corp a small new Core Role play Game.

  1. Keep drama to a minimal = 1st Degree
  2. Don’t be toxic = 2nd Degree / Mute
  3. Respect others how you want to be treated = 1st Degree
  4. Don’t brag about your rank = Demotion
  5. Absolutely NO trash talking about other sci-fi groups or other groups in general = 1st Degree
  6. Racism is not tolerated in any way: 4 Degree
  7. No NSFW is allowed: 4th Degree
  8. Use at least a little common sense (common sense is a complete must will in serious conversations) : 1st Degree
Results in breaking rules:

1st Degree Warning = Warning
2nd Degree Warning = Kick / Mute
3rd Degree Warning = Temp Ban
4th Degree Warning = Blacklist / Perm Ban

Group Link: Groups - Roblox

Thanks Insight_Inside,
Former Developer at KRC.