Kronos - Scan your game for viruses, backdoors - Plugin

Huge update coming soon to Kronos.
If you had ways to bypass the checks, please message me on Roblox.

I am rewritting Kronos, and a sandbox implementation

Sorry for inactivity, I’ve been busy irl.


I can agree this works. I hope this project gets more popular!

Hello, I have been using this plugin for a bit now. When I used it just a few minutes ago, it threw this error:

Plugin_3550088966.NewKronos:421: bad argument #1 (table expected, got nil)

Stack Begin

Script ‘Plugin_3550088966.NewKronos’, Line 421 - function scanPluginsModels

Script ‘Plugin_3550088966.NewKronos’, Line 467 - function StartScanning

Stack End

It would be greatly appreciated if I could get some assistance with this error.

Thats most likely a Kronos bug.

I never actually left a vouch here but

I remember you yourself suggested this plugin to me many months ago and it’s rarely ever failed me. Have helped a lot of other people with this! :star:

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Each time I use Kronos, this prints out in the output:

If I click on the warning, nothing happens. This is confusing, since I don’t know what’s loading this.
When looking at the source, I seem to understand that Kronos is somehow detecting that nil contains a backdoor???

Also, I think the plugin could be 100x better if there was a UI, since it would be more intuitive to the average user.

I tested this plugin on all the top free models **created by Roblox**, and it managed to detect one of the scripts to be a Fire/Instance virus:


You might want to mention that they sometimes might happen, to not spread misinformation.

Hope this helped improve your plugin!


You forgot about hidden services and APIs, in studio. Your scanner does not scan for it.

For the Kohl’s Admin Commands V2 warning, it means the model you own has a backdoor.

Is there a timeframe for when Kronos premium will come out? I am very interested in it!

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Probably wont ever come out, since the owner doesn’t have permissions to sell plugins.


It brings up this warning for the original model by Kohltastrophe, I believe what the scanner’s picking up is what the script uses to automatically update itself to the latest. It uses the old LoadAsset method to get the latest version.

it detected hidden scripts but i dont know how to erease them lol

Never used this plugin, so what I think you should do is:

Look for the scripts that are ‘infected’/‘hidden’, and then simply delete it.

i was not finding them in the game by myself. I figured out that the script was inside a model in my account’s inventory, I removed from my inv. Damn hacks.

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Why does it need access to and ?

It also scans your inventory for any backdoors/viruses and alerts you if it finds any.

I don’t get why google is needed then?

Read the code . It uses google to check if http service is enabled

It detects the adonis admin description script named API as a backdoor, but that script does not contain any executable code at all.

I’m not sure about the claim for Kronos Premium.

Having “everything” you need for a safe game is almost impossible because the developer can always make mistakes in their client-server security and leave a vulnerability. I doubt that Kronos Premium has the proper artificial intelligence to correct that. Furthermore, even if the client-server security was perfect, there are always new backdoors and new exploits being created. It’s misinforming, especially to new developers, to tell them that their game will be secure if they throw some robux at you.