KuurDine Theatrical System Guide

KuurDine Theatrical System Guide

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Main Information

This guide is aimed towards those who want to be more familiar with the unique theatrical & entertainment systems here at KuurDine

Roles Involved

  • Director
  • Technician
  • Actor

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Kuur's Theatrical System

These are the main theatrical preparation steps here at Kuur. Obviously, these steps aren’t to be followed exactly but, this is just the general idea of it to increase the success of the play.

(1) GATHER ACTORS FOR ROLES / Gather Actors for a play that you are trying to direct, you must have players participating in a play by giving the Actors roles.

(2) GATHER ACTORS TO PRACTICE / Once you’ve gave roles to your Actors, now you must give out positions & practice through out. Most plays are to be improvised & thought-out as you go along but, practicing key positions & telling your Actors key things is important.

(3) GATHER TECHS TO CONTROL / Now that you’ve got your Actors & made positions, gather some Technicians to control technical controls for the play.

(4) NOW ITS TIME TO DIRECT / You’ve got your actors, technicians & yourself, now its time to direct the play using the narration system! Refer to any Lobby Managers if you need help.


  • Only 1 person to direct plays per server.
  • The maximum amount of Actors per play is unlimited.
Kuur's Technician System

Information on this topic soon to be released.

Kuur's Director System

Information on this topic soon to be released.

Theatrical Areas

Information on this topic soon to be released.

Last modified (7/7/21)