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About Me

Hello I am kylepo99 I been on this platform since around ~2014 I have been activity developing starting ~2016 and then around ~2018 I started to script and never went back to building. I strictly do scripting and nothing else.


Fully Functional Terminal

This is one of my favorite projects it is a terminal that allows the user to run commands. It is fully modular and very easy to implement new commands. It comes with built in spam checking and other features.

Radio system

Radio system

Here is a simple radio that includes channels and a built in spam filter (credit to @snorebear for making the UI)

Task board from web

Clickup Board

This here is a board that auto gets task from the website Clickup (a Trello alternative) and displays them for everyone to see. This allows people to follow what the developers of the game are actively doing

Farming System

Farming System

I made a neat little farm system. It is not completely finished but the core items are present.
(I didn’t make the crop models)

(Obviously this is sped up a bit so it fits in a video)


I will only accept payment via group payout and I currently do not accept USD. Please get in contact with me for prices. I am mostly looking for contract work not a major game


Your best chance of getting into contact with me is through discord send a friend request to
kyle#1992 If for some reason you can’t get into contact through discord you can send a message to me in devfourm.


Very interesting. Highly considered.

I recommend kyle for any tasks you have. He’s worked for me for a considerable amount of time and has been a friend even longer. He’s professional but also friendly.

Never doubt his ability to complete a task because he has other developers on speed dial and will always complete the job with exactly what you ask for and no less.

Overall: Recommended

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