Kymaraaa - Scripting Portfolio

About Me :coffee:

Hey there! I’m Kymaraa and I’ve been scripting for 2 years though I’ve been on Roblox for 9 years. I’m 20 years old and I am currently a Games Production student.

Examples :memo:

Below you can see some examples of my past work!

Scripting Examples

Moba Turret and Grass Mechanics
Prop Hunt Round
Hot Potato Round
Tree Growing and Chopping Mechanic
Crate Opening and ScrollingFrame Inventory
Scaling ScrollingFrame Inventory
Card Game Inventory
Class Viewing and Magic Selection
Weapon / Armour Equipping and Moving Slimes
Basic Combat and Eliminating Slimes
Cooking Mechanic
Generic Menu Transitions

Availability :clock3:

I am for hire
I’m currently for hire and I’m quite flexible with my work hours.

Payment :moneybag:

I’m currently only accepting payment via PayPal. I won’t hand the files over until the payment is received.

Contact :telephone_receiver:

You can contact me via Discord. My username is Kymaraaa#3972.


I can* just wanted to tell you to add that in there

Also, your stuff is very good


Thanks for telling me!

Thanks for the compliment too!


I am for hire!

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oryRBX is a dedicated scripter, and I can vouch for him 100%.
He has, time after time, shown that he is capable of working on a wide variety of projects, so the chance that you can hire for something you need, is very high.

If you need an efficient, yet an organized scripter, I would definitely recommend oryRBX.

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Hello, I have tried to contact you through discord but it seems like you changed it. Would be thankful if you can add me on discord; AlvinPolys#0001

My Discord is still the same but sure.

I’ve just updated my portfolio with more information regarding how comissions work as well as more examples of my past work!

Sorry, like I said in my Payment section, I’m only accepting upfront payment and not %.

Has not replayed to any of my messages in the past 12 days, its been 3 weeks since the start of my commission and i paid 100 USD in advance, He said it will take 4 days, i keep extending the days for him but now that he is not even replaying to anything i say for the past 12 days, I want a REFUND. Messaged him on devforum, saw him online and even posted something, blatantly ignoring me. DO NOT HIRE.

I apologise for not replying, though it was 5 days, not 12. I won’t post the screenshots of our conversation but I can if you’d like me to.

We started the commission 2 weeks ago. I never stated what date I would finish, I did state I would try my best to get it done a week after the 18th which was when you finally gave me proper instructions of what you wanted me to do which was make and code all but Round UI for a Murder Mystery type game as well as skills.

My week has been very busy, and though I have replied once or twice on here I haven’t responded to any Discord or Twitter messages which I apologise for.

Now you replay to me on your on scripting portfolio, i dont want to work with someone who only replays straight away when they are in the wrong. i want a refund please.
I wanted a shop not the whole murder game.
Now you message me in private because your reputation is being handed, i cant work with someone who only is willing to respond when something happens to you.
And yes it was 5 days my bad, still only showed me progress of only gui frames in folders. noting else
Also i clearly see your discord profile pic change everytime meaning you were on discord.

You seem trust worthy. Did you actually pull something like this?

Never do this unless it’s out of desperation. Morals isn’t obligated of anyone, once the payment is received there’s no further obligation given unless an official contract states otherwise.

Here’s why @Kymaraaa might’ve done this:

  • Prioritizing larger payouts
  • Becoming impatient with slinky’s vague request.
  • Taking advantage of the little guy. In comparison @Kymaraaa vs Slinky22 status wise they’re far from compatible therefore it’s possible to get away with it especially knowing how roblox won’t interfere with developer altercations.

Regardless of the reasoning behind why doesn’t justify @Kymaraaa’s actions. Realistically you’re more likely to get a refund than for him to remain true to his word. This is how known figures behave, 100 isn't considered a plentiful payout unless they're desperate for . Budgeted projects are the greatest struggles we all have faced at one point in our lives.

If he paid you up front, it’s your responsibility to follow through with your word. It’s downright disrespectful to have the audacity to change your PFP on discord when you’ve been paid up front. Your week might’ve been busy however your priorities weren’t straight.
No amount of apologies justify this action @Kymaraaa , you’ve lost the privilege to receive up front payouts. Paying upon completion would’ve prevented this altercation, however you insisted on wasting slinky’s time.

After the altercation with @slinky22 , you might as well change this. However you won’t, you know you’ll continue to gain work regardless of how many little guys you’ll take advantage of. I’ll make sure to only use your services if it’s out of desperation with a contract included to force you to oblige.


This is really unprofessional, and the fact you ask for 50% of the payment to be upfront you really are tarnishing whatever reputation you had built up. I think you should fully refund slinky of his money, doesn’t matter if you finished it or what not the fact that you’re busy I understand, but it was said you were changing discord profile pictures which means you had sometime.

Even if you were busy everyday and you didn’t change your discord profile, it literally takes less then 5 minutes to maybe go discord and send a message to slinky saying, I can’t get it done by this date, you weren’t clear enough, etc. The fact that you haven’t responded to him on discord for 5 days, and that he paid you upfront is horrible.

For whatever reason this occurred I hope its not the fact that just because slinky isn’t a massive dev or someone with huge connections and reputation he was taken advantage of like this. I hope you take responsibility for this mistake, the fact that you are 20 and did this shows immaturity and how unprofessional you are. Also along with the fact you literally stated you have lots of free time multiple times in the OP, I realize its from February but you could easily edit and put that you don’t have as much time, simple.


Still no replay from him on discord or devforum, i have issued a paypal refund and i want my 100 USD back now.

I sincerely apologise for not replying till and how things turned out.

It was unprofessional for me to not reply for 5 days straight and to take half of the payment upfront. I did not realise how busy I would be the past and upcoming week but this is still no excuse for what happened.

As you’ve opened a case on PayPal, once it’s the date stated on your case you’ll be refunded.

I would like to clear some things up though which I didn’t make clear in my original reply as there were some typos that ultimately changed what I wanted to inform.

I did not ignore you for 12 days, I had not replied for 4 days. It has only been 2 weeks since the start of your commission, 8 days since I got all the information I needed to complete it and 4 days (excluding today) since I last replied to you.

I never stated when I would finish the commission. I always said it was a possibility I could get it done for when you wanted though it wasn’t set in stone.

This isn’t meant as an excuse, I’m just making sure everyone has the specifics. I can provide some evidence that what I’m saying is true if @slinky22 allows me to screenshot our conversation and attach them to this reply.


I changed my PFP midday on Monday which is when I was still in contact with Slinky.

I understand why you would say that, but I would appreciate if you don’t make assumptions on what I’m going to do.


No, of course not.

I forgot that I said this in my original post, I’ll be sure to change it.

No i want you to give me back my 100 usd right now, and ill mark the case as solved.

and you did say this, also dont lie you did not replay for 5 days.

Apologies for that, I don’t remember saying that and must of skimmed past it while re-reading our conversations. After looking through or DMs I did indeed say that - once again I apologise.

7PM Monday was the last time I replied to you. I’m not counting today as not replying to you as I’ve responded to you so that makes it just 4 days of no contact.

He used my money and now i have to wait 1 month for paypal to process and give my money back, if they do that is, thanks for nothing.