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About Me

Hey there! I’m Ory and I’ve been scripting on Roblox for 2 years, though I’ve been on Roblox since I was 11 (now 19)! I’m currently studying Games Technology at University and I’m a big fan of designing games.


You can view some examples of my past work in my portfolio playlist here: Scripting Portfolio Playlist
Games that I’ve contributed or created are below:

  • Unexpected Hide and Seek (created) - I created this game during a 24 hour game jam where the theme was Unexpected. It barely fit the theme as I really wanted to make a basic prop hunt game. There are no bugs but gameplay might seem slightly off in some areas.


I am for hire
I’m able to work 6-8 hours per weekday and I can work for the whole weekend.


I accept payment via PayPal, Group Payouts as long as it’s over 100k R$ or % as long as the game is profitable / you have experience leading games.


I check the DevForum regularly so you can message me here or on Discord (Kymaraaa#3972) and I’ll reply as soon as I can.



I can* just wanted to tell you to add that in there

Also, your stuff is very good



Thanks for telling me!

Thanks for the compliment too!



I am for hire!

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oryRBX is a dedicated scripter, and I can vouch for him 100%.
He has, time after time, shown that he is capable of working on a wide variety of projects, so the chance that you can hire for something you need, is very high.

If you need an efficient, yet an organized scripter, I would definitely recommend oryRBX.

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Hello, I have tried to contact you through discord but it seems like you changed it. Would be thankful if you can add me on discord; AlvinPolys#5233



My Discord is still the same but sure.