Kymaraaa - Scripting Portfolio

About Me :coffee:

Hey there! I’m Kymaraa and I’ve been scripting for 2 years though I’ve been on Roblox for 9 years. I’m 20 years old and I am currently a Games Production student that has a lot of free time.

Examples :memo:

Below you can see some examples of my past work!

Scripting Examples

Moba Turret and Grass Mechanics
Prop Hunt Round
Hot Potato Round
Tree Growing and Chopping Mechanic
Crate Opening and ScrollingFrame Inventory
Scaling ScrollingFrame Inventory
Card Game Inventory
Class Viewing and Magic Selection
Weapon / Armour Equipping and Moving Slimes
Basic Combat and Eliminating Slimes
Cooking Mechanic
Generic Menu Transitions

Availability :clock3:

I am for hire
I have a ton of free time which means can work from whenever I wake up to whenever I go to sleep (which is often 10-10), this means I’m quite flexible with my work hours.

Payment :moneybag:

I’m currently only accepting payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer. I must receive half of the pay upfront before starting a comission, and I must receive the rest before handing over the finished file.

Important Comission Info :rotating_light:

  • I only start working on the comission (in my own file) when I receive half of the payment upfront and I hand the file over once the rest of the payment is received.
  • If the whole comission is paid upfront, then I’ll gladly work in your place.

Contact :telephone_receiver:

You can contact me via Discord. My username is Kymaraaa#3972.


I can* just wanted to tell you to add that in there

Also, your stuff is very good


Thanks for telling me!

Thanks for the compliment too!


I am for hire!

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oryRBX is a dedicated scripter, and I can vouch for him 100%.
He has, time after time, shown that he is capable of working on a wide variety of projects, so the chance that you can hire for something you need, is very high.

If you need an efficient, yet an organized scripter, I would definitely recommend oryRBX.

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Hello, I have tried to contact you through discord but it seems like you changed it. Would be thankful if you can add me on discord; AlvinPolys#0001

My Discord is still the same but sure.

I’ve just updated my portfolio with more information regarding how comissions work as well as more examples of my past work!


Kymaraaa is one of, if not THE best scripter open to taking commissions on Roblox. Every time I have worked with him, he has responded promptly, provided reasonable rates, and delivered high quality scripts. I will continue to use his services in the future.

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It was a pleasure to work with you! Thank you for the kind words.

Sorry, like I said in my Payment section, I’m only accepting upfront payment and not %.