Kyotu Restaurant | Affiliation Guide

Welcome to the official partnership guide for Kyotu! We are constantly looking for people who wish to alliance with our amazing group, to improve each other. We will send 2 representatives to your group and you will send 2 to ours, that is if you pass our application.

Affiliation Requirements :handshake:

  • 10 members minimum (Exceptions can be made)
  • Must be a constructed business (hotel, cafe, bakery, graphics, etc)
  • No army groups/hangout groups
  • Must be willing to announce our events and represent their organization.
  • No drama.

Affiliate Application :memo:

  • [1] What is your group name?
  • [2] Tell us about what your group is.
  • [3] Why do you want to form a partnership with Kyotu Restaurant?
  • [4] How can we benefit your group?
  • [5] How can you benefit our group?
  • [6] Do you understand that you must always follow our requirements?
  • [7] Do you understand that if you fail to meet our requirements (Unless an exception is made), we have the right to decline your application?

When you are done, please type your answers into a Google Docs and submit it to the appropriate member. Good luck!

Approved by Kyotu Restaurant Public Relations branch; 7/4/2020