La Verde Cafe | Regulations

These regulations are made for Discord and will also apply to all games.

Welcome to La Verde Cafe! Here in this server, we have to abide by the rules and regulations in order to create a community of friendly people.

Warning System:
3 Warnings - 24h Mute
4 Warnings - Permanent Mute - Will be unmuted when mods want too.
5 Warnings - Kick
6 Warnings - 48h Ban
7 Warnings - Perm Ban

The rules are listed below, please read them carefully!

Swearing ➜ Swearing at LVC will get you banned for 48h. We do this to keep a friendly environment around the staff team and customers.

Spamming ➜ Spamming is not allowed except for @[pls] Fun events in the #bot-cmds. But for the rest of the chat, it is not allowed as I said earlier as it may annoy people who have the online status; in which they will receive notification from people who spam. Photo spamming is a max of 3 a minute.

Begging for ranks ➜ Begging to get free ranked is a warnable offence and it is not only unfair but rude as others got their desired ranks from their hard works.

Unnecessarily Pinging ➜ It is unnecessary to ping others without any validate reasoning, it will annoy the person who you are pinging and you may be warned for it; pinging everyone simultaneously will result in a ban!

Personal Information leaks/Personal Attacks ➜ Leaking of personal information is a bannable offence and against ToS of Discord if justified, as it will threaten those victims for example; “I will leak your information if you don’t listen to what I say!”

Advertising ➜ Advertising or Direct Message Advertising ( DM advertising ) or even status advertising is strictly prohibited in our server! If caught, you’ll be banned from our server permanently for just doing that.

Languages ➜ Languages which is unrelated to English is not allowed except for #off-topic; if caught we will warn you or maybe mute you for violating the rules.

Caps abusingLOL is not allowed as it goes under the rules of caps abusing. Lol is allowed. ➜ If you are caught doing so, you will be punished by an SHR immediately. SHRs will not hesitate to do so. ➜ Dank memer is an exception.

Calling names ➜ Calling people names like Noob or Idiot will not be taken as a joke. ➜ You will be warned by an SHR immediately.

Snipe ➜ Sniping in #general is not allowed. You will be warned.

SHR Pinging ➜ Pinging the SHR team, with or without a reason will get you muted as SHRs are important people and do not have time for instant response and will reply in time. If you want to contact them, try their email.

Robux Beggars ➜ Begging for robux is not accepted and will get you muted. We will never give away robux for free unless it is in the #giveaway-notifications channel. Any others are fake and if you see people living about free robux in the group wall or in chat and/or begging for robux, please report to a HR+ to deal with the problem. Do not deal with it yourself if you are below HR.

Impersonation ➜ Impersonating a member of staff or a customer will get you banned. We do this because they can get the real staff member or customer in trouble and we want to prevent that happening.

Last edited: 21st May, 2020
These rules are subject to change without knowing, and reacting meaning you will agree to them. Please always check if there are new rules.

Moderators will give you what they think is the right punishment for what you did. Some rules when broken can get you instantly banned.