Lack of goal in my game for players

Im working on a game where the longer you play the more points you get and if you donate to a player you get multipliers and more time. You can buy booths, try to get to the top of the leaderboard, trails, event exchange and quests. However many people pointed out the lack of goals for the player.Any reccomendations? Thanks!


Is this a booth-style social interaction type game or is it something else? Usually booth games don’t really have a main goal, sometimes gears or a few badges and stuff because it mostly relies on having people in the game that talk to each other, or or being able to sell stuff like shirts and pants.


Here are my ideas:

  • custom in game titles for RP
  • chairs to seat and drink
  • car to drive just to chill (low speed obviously, only there to let people hang on) with some seats inside (But maybe this point is out of subject)
  • flowers with watering can?
  • library?