Lag and lower end devices

some people say having a bad low-end device friendliness is bad and can bring in a lot of dislikes. However, how would someone fix their lag problem if it wasn’t lower-end-device friendly by design. There’s certain genres (Open World in general, Bullet Hell if there’s too many bullets, etc.) who by design can be very very low-end device unfriendly. How would games with designs like these tackle lag?

Another one would be visual effects. High-Poly doesn’t exist (apart from the 10k triangle limit) simply because they are really laggy, but if a development team was looking for this type of high-detail visuals how would they still deal with lag?

Should these (so far basically non existent) groups just ignore lower end devices?

Edit : High poly doesn’t exist because they’re really laggy for quite a lot of people, especially those meshes with extreme triangle counts

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Roblox has added a lot of features that developers can use to make different levels of quality to your game. For instance a MeshPart’s RenderFidelity allows you to lower and raise the quality of a mesh part. I suggest going through some of the Roblox API and seeing what sorts of settings are available for you in terms of parts, lighting, and rendering to adhere to different devices.

A lot of games adopt a Settings option that allows users to turn off certain added visual effects or map quality.

Other than this there isn’t much you can do about a high end computer being able to play a performance intensive game, and a small IPod touch not being able to.