Lag from terrain

I’ve noticed that the MicroProfiler jumps whenever I am looking at the terrain and falls if I look up at the sky. I have streaming enabled on so I was wondering what are some other ways to optimize terrain.

Terrain is handled by the engine and is already very optimised itself. If you’re looking to make any changes, then it has to be in terms of removing terrain, otherwise there’s not much control you have over the way terrain renders (and not much you need either).

Are you sure it’s the terrain specifically that’s causing your lag issues? I used to blame my terrain for lag problems as well with 700K+ voxels, but I know another developer who works with over 1.5M+ voxels of terrain (possibly even more) with little performance issues.

I recognise that the numbers are somewhat close (just over double) but my terrain is small and not hollow: the lag I experience in my game comes more from the build and the code than it does from the terrain. The other developer hollowed out their terrain to reduce the amount of used cells which probably contributed a decent amount to improving performance (not that it was laggy before).